The right temperature for commercial glass door freezers

Commercial glass door freezers provide various options for different storage purposes, including reach-in freezer, under counter freezer, display chest freezer, ice cream display freezermeat display fridge, and so on. They are crucial for retail or catering businesses to keep their foods stored well at the proper temperature. Some products have high requirements on temperature levels that are suitable for their storage, such as pork, beef, fish, and vegetables, if the temperature is a few degrees higher than normal, their quality can go bad quickly, if the foods are store in the condition of lower temperature, the foods can be easily damaged by the frost. So if you use a glass door freezer for your business, it’s necessary to have the right one with consistent and proper temperature to provide a safe & optimum storage condition for your foods. As many people know, most foods need to be stored in a condition that can keep them frozen, but that doesn’t mean it is safe, the proper temperature for them should remain at -18℃.

Risks May Be Caused By Improper Food Storage

Improper storage of vegetables may also increase the risk of gastrointestinal cancer. About the possible cancer risk of storing food improperly in refrigerators. The researchers took some samples of pickles, leftovers, and long-stored vegetables in refrigerators and tested them with professional detection reagents. The results showed that all these 3 kinds of foods contain a carcinogenic substance, which is named nitrite. Once the nitrite enters the stomach where includes some acidic substance, it will react with proteins to generate nitrosamines that really have carcinogenic substances, which would cause gastric cancer If absorbed by the body for a long time.

It’s well known that pickles and leftovers are rich in nitrite. But why do uncooked vegetables also contain nitrite? Experts say that from the time when vegetables are picked, life will slowly end, and the cells will also undergo chemical changes to produce nitrite. The longer the storage time, the more nitrite produced. We tested the nitrite content of fresh lettuce, lettuce stored for 2 days, and lettuce stored for 5 days, and found that the nitrate content of the latter two increased significantly. In addition, nitrite will not be reduced due to high-temperature cooking. Eating too many vegetables that have been stored for a long time will easily lead to the risk of cancer.

How To Reduce Risks Caused By Nitrite

Nitrite can not only cause chronic damage to the human body but also cause acute poisoning. So, how should we reduce the threat of nitrite to human health? First of all, the content of nitrite in pickled vegetables is very high and should be eaten as little as possible; secondly, learning how to correctly store foods can also help reduce the harm of nitrite. The generation rate of nitrite in different vegetables is also different. Stem vegetables, such as potatoes and radishes, can be stored for longer. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, celery, should be stored for no more than a week. Therefore, when you need to buy vegetables in large quantities, you should choose vegetables that can be stored as long as possible.

Benefits Of Properly Stored Products

Proper preservation of products is very important for grocery stores or farm produce stores in order to maintain their business. You can get benefits if you make sure that the products are properly stored and refrigerated, because your customers don’t have to worry about buying spoiled and low-quality food, and without worrying that they will be involved in mishaps. food poisoning and other health problems. It can also go a long way in helping your business reduce wasted food loss. So it is necessary to invest in a commercial freezer with high performance in refrigeration and energy saving, a good constant temperature freezer can provide optimal storage environment.

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