Impact of films that spoke the trivializing facts of the society

21 Oct, 2021 – Animated movies are now a trend to watch. Instead of making real people appear on screen, there are toon images pop in front of you and they project the same emotions as humans. Thanks to the technology. Asian markets have been thriving with these animated movies and making a huge success of it. “A Silent Voice” in the year 2016, it’s a Japanese animated drama, based on the manga written on the same name. This movie speaks of a very important topic that deals with Bullying and Depression at a very young age. How a former bully now a social outcast who realizes his mistakes and befriend the victim who has been deaf and thus bullied. This movie speaks of reformation of a person and his mistakes when he was immature and clueless also with a positive note, that friends always remain kind despite circumstances.

Movies like a silent voice gives a strong message to the society and why all should watch it, read the link below for more details on the movie. Regardless of a person’s upbringing and the mental stage, torturing othersit’s just not right.  Some watch movies for fun, whereas some watch movies that have a strong message to the society or the way society functions. A Silent voice is a fantastic movie which deals with issues like suicide, bullying, reformation and kindness. It combines all into one single movie and thus resulted in a great movie watching experience to the viewers. Its significant, movies like a silent voice should be made often. It deals with a hero called shoya who bullies one more student shoko and ends up an outcast and even treated worst by his friends who once were his allies.

On the other hand, there are movies are like Maladolencenza. Which was banned in several countries for its adult content, however, people like to watch them because to get entertained, to escape reality and to learn something new or to feel more empathetic towards others. If the need is to watch similar movie like Maladolencenza, Please click on the link given

They have several suggestions that deals with the similar issues the society faces in the name of norms or tradition. Which are of similar genre like Maladolencenza. Its about the odd one’s and how theySave themselves from the harmful circumstances. One more in the category is “The virgin suicides” primarily addresses the issue of gender-identity, angst and hopelessness of a teen and how everything become complicated in the heroine’s life. Mostly people watch movies that are colorful and keep the merriment alive, but movies deal with reality often conveys the dark side of the society. Thirteen (2013) is one another movie in the suggestion, which deals with the drugs part and how it destroys and creates detriment around the world. It marks as an important movie for the current generation. To top the list, there is, “Mean Girls” this highly successful movie deals with the issue of popularity, condescension and how life is just not about high school or being popular. Its about being ourselves with confidence and positivity.

Watching a Manga or an animation or a general movie. The message is the most essential part of all. The issues around the society need to be conveyed so that the viewers can enjoy the other world or also perhaps the world they live in.

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