A Trial that Compares Natural Medicine to Drugs for Covid has finally Published

A Trial that Compares Natural Medicine to Drugs for Covid has finally Published

Finally, a clinical trial that follows World Health Organization guidelines for studying natural medicines as treatments for covid has published. This CTRI and clinicaltrials.gov registered trial compares immunofree and reginmune to the treatments currently in use for Covid in hospitals. It was a randomized clinical trial (RCT) that was conducted on moderate patients at three different Indian Hospitals and it has been published after stringent peer review by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research (IJPPR). The results are startling as the combination of Immunofree and Reginmune had 88% percent of patients virologically cured and Covid negative day 5 whereas the combination pharma treatments didn’t even achieve this percentage day 10. Furthermore, this till date is the best result seen in covid treatment for any medicine from any tradition and a trial where no mortality was seen for the patients who used these two medicines. It seems like the time to include natural medicines for treatment of covid has finally come.

The world has been hunting for a safe effective treatment for covid since the start of the pandemic. Many medicines both natural and pharmaceutical have gained and lost popularity since then owing to efficacy seen in clinical trials and effectiveness seen in the real world. On the pharmaceutical side the list includes HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine), Remdesivir, Faviravipir and Ivermectin. The clinical trial results and real world effectiveness of all these have been questionable at best and some of them have been given emergency use authorization only to have it revoked later on.

China Madagascar and India have studied and implemented natural treatments for novel corona virus. China was the first to do this as they mandated the use of traditional formulas for Covid in Feb 2020 and then saw a sharp lasting decline of cases. The mandate insured that Drs from all hospitals and traditions use these traditional formulas with all Covid patients. Almost all Dr’s in Wuhan now realize that it was these formulas that saved the day. Soon after Madagascar released covid organics that contains Artemisia. Many African countries started using it despite very little trial data but then it was seen that these countries had the lowest mortality rates in Africa. Hence the WHO released a guideline to study the efficacy of natural medicines for covid.

Immunofree from Corival Life Sciences and Reginmune by Biogetica were combined as a treatment in this RTC. Their results seem to be best seen thus far in covid treatment. These medicines are now freely available and also being considered by a few different countries for inclusion in their Covid treatment protocols. I ultimately doesn’t matter what system of medicine the patient or Doctor believe in, What matters is that people are helped, lives are saved and Novel Coronavirus is stopped from ravaging our planet.

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