Ontario Locked Down Its Population Cumulatively For 15.1 Million Years To Save 222k Years Of Life

Canadian entrepreneur and author Josh MacDonald released data showing the decisions made by Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario, during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Doug Ford made his province the most locked-down area in North America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report released by JoshMacDonald.net shows the average age of COVID-19 death was 84, when the average life expectancy is currently 82. 

At the time of release, Ontario had a death rate of 0.67 per 1000 people while Florida led the way with 2.69 deaths per 1000, 4x the rate of North America’s most lockdown area which spent over 365 days in lockdown. Restaurants and their patios were closed, forcing thousands of them to close permanently.

The data in the report shows the average 84 year old has a life expectancy of 7.5 more years. By multiplying the difference in death rates, by this amount of time remaining, the report showed the province saved about 222,000 years of life – at what cost?

Ontario was collectively locked down for 15,100,000 years. Hospital screenings were canceled, which MacDonald pointed to from personal experience. The report also cites the kids help phone in Canada registered 1 million calls in 2020, a large amount of the small country with a population of only 38 million.

The report is available with data from the Excel calculations at JoshMacDonald.net

Visit: https://joshmacdonald.net/ontario-locked-down/

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