Medical Supplies Provider First Med Inc Team Up with MediSupply Warehouse to Deliver Ivermectin in Thailand and Other Asian Countries

FirstMed Inc. has partnered MediSupply Warehouse to supply Ivermectin in Thailand, other parts of Asia, and globally. First Med Inc is a Hong Kong-based business that exports this drug, used to treat covid-19 symptoms, to Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.

According to announcements released by First Med Inc, they are among the foremost suppliers of human-grade Ivermectin around the world. They have partnered with MediSupply Warehouse to make this drug available in Thailand, neighboring Asian countries, Australia, and other countries globally. 

First Med Inc ships Iverheal 12 tablets globally. Each strip contains ten tablets of 12 mg Ivermectin. Also sold as Stromectol, this drug has received praise from doctors in the USA, Europe, India, Japan and Africa and Australia as an effective medication for treating Coronavirus and as a prophylactic to prevent the virus from infecting people in the first place. 

Its use and effectiveness in treating covid-19 patients in India are cited as one of the prime examples of why this drug must be available wherever coronaviruses are being treated, and at present, that’s all over the world. Ivermectin, whose use is also encouraged by the Japanese Health Ministry, has also been shown as an effective counter against the side effects of the controversial anti-coronavirus vaccine. 

MediSupply Warehouse has been supplying medicines and medical products to all parts of the world. Founded in 2011, this business is a part of the ADDF Group. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has worked ceaselessly to ensure the timely supply of medical products to hospitals and frontline healthcare organizations. It delivers covid-19  specific medical grade equipment and supplies to resellers, retail chains, and other buyers. 

It has quickly earned a reputation for delivering quality medical products to all parts of the world on time. It has adapted to the challenges posed by the new calibrations in global supply chains because of the pandemic. This supplier can easily handle the supplies of bulk orders. First Med Inc is expertly leveraging the supply chain of MediSupply Warehouse to ensure that Ivermectin is available where needed to combat the spread of Coronavirus. 

About the Company:

FirstMed Inc. is an HK-based company, and it exports Ivermectin throughout the world. It previously focused on Thailand and the Asia region, but due to an increase in demand from Western countries, it is now exporting to the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

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