Ken Will Music – Songwriter, Composer, Rapper, And The Owner Of A Music Production Company

Ken Will Music, an American rapper who owns Ken Will Productions LLC. He produced many single hits which made him one of the famous music producers in America.

Atlanta, GA – Ken Will Music, best known for producing pop music, R&B, was born on the 13th of February 1984 in Trenton, New Jersey. In his young years, he dreamt of becoming a professional athlete in the future but because; of his undying passion for hip-hop music, he became a music producer.  In New Jersey, he majored in music production and learned how to play the violin, keyboard, trumpet, and drums to polish his skills.

In 2013, Ken Will established his own production company named; Ken Will Productions LLC. Ken Will produced numerous hits after discovering the company’s label, including Future Hits TV, Million Tears, Welcome to Aranb, and others. The artistry of Ken Will Music made him a multi-genre record producer, songwriter, and composer. Due to his popularity and fame, Ken Will Music is worth $3 million in today’s time which must have increased his wealth due to the popularity.

“Growing up listening to a diverse mix of music, such as hip-hop, reggae, Latin, and pop-influenced the combinations of instruments and melodies I produce. As a child, if I were not glued to the television watching Soul Train, you would most likely catch me beating on buckets like they were drums. At the age of nine, my mom bought me an actual drum set and keyboard that is from where all the magic began,” says Ken Will Music.

Ken Will Music started creating his music beats on an MPC beat machine when he was just 12 years old. After some practice, he eventually began using the music equipment which included MPC 1000 and MPC 2000. The dedication and talent soon grabbed the attention of former Atlantic record rapper Kilagram and Fox Empire TV star Big ooh. Ken Will became an entrepreneur after entering into a business partnership and remixing music for other artists such as Chris Brown’s “Birthday Remix” featuring Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “Love More” Reggae featuring Nicki Minaj.

Ken Will Musics also partnered with his own production company. Later on, the 16th of October 2021, the Ken Will Productions LLC, partnered with the New Jersey singer and piano player Jonathan Grimes. He signed a music partnership with Ken Will after they met at a guest appearance on a track from music artist Destiny Rydas. Ken Will Productions LLC has a website that contains all the top hits given by Ken Will Music.

About the business:

Ken Will Music has gained a lot of popularity in America due to his unique rapping and music beats. He got much fame after he produced remixes featuring senior artists and now has a huge fan following on his social apps. He specialized in different genres of music while using his talents and adding some extra touch to them. Currently, he is performing and touring in several cities. 

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