Microverse Announces Ambitious Plan to Construct the World’s Most Comprehensive Metaverse

Microverse Announces Ambitious Plan to Construct the World’s Most Comprehensive Metaverse

Unveiling the Microverse World – The Microverse global launch event was successfully held on 20th October 2021, with community members from around the world in attendance to celebrate and learn more about the project’s upcoming plans for the future. 

Ryan Strasser, CEO of Microverse, kickstarted the event where he shared his vision of what an ideal metaverse world would look like and encompass. According to Ryan, the Microverse team is focused on developing actual applications that are both practical and functional, and they aim to construct a new economic system within the Microverse World that will ensure sustainability for the metaverse. As a decentralized world-building platform, users in the Microverse World can purchase and develop land within the world for a large variety of purposes, such as residential, commercial and even cultural venues. There is a limited number of 13,810 PLOTs of virtual land, and users are invited to join in and shape the future of the Microverse World together.

Series A Investment and Short-Term Goals 

Marketing Director of Microverse, Vince, also announced an ambitious 2-years plan to build up the core foundation of the Microverse ecosystem and shared that the company would be hosting a Series A investment in November, with a target of 100 million dollars. He estimated that the platform would have 500,000 unique users by the 1st quarter of 2022, and shared the ease with which major retailers and leading brands can leverage on the Microverse World to innovate and reinvent their businesses.

With the play-to-earn model becoming the new paradigm that has redefined the future of gaming, it was revealed that Microverse would soon be launching their very first GameFi title on the platform – MyMino. Gamers have started to see the potential of playing online games for profit, and Microverse’s foray into the GameFi sector would be a welcoming addition with its array of benefits. 

A Glimpse into the Metaverse

The event also gave a detailed run-through on the history and market potential of NFT and the metaverse. Aurelius, the project’s community manager shared more about the platform’s ecosystem and the myriad of applications within. He also expressed confidence that Microverse will be one of the leading brands within the virtual reality space, giving users unprecedented freedom in the exploration of a new frontier. 

A sneak preview was also given on the platform’s very first NFT drop – MINO, which is a collection of dinosaurs that has their proof of ownership stored on-chain. These MINO NFTs can be freely traded and used in the Microverse World, just like other NFT collections that will be released in the future.

The night ended with the panel discussion where thoughts were exchanged on the future of the industry. Addressing a question from the community about the level of competition within the sector with traditional companies like Facebook entering the scene, Ryan stated that no one company would be able to build the metaverse by themselves and that the industry will be a network of worlds all with different augmented and virtual reality products and services to offer.  

All in all, the metaverse promises a brand-new alternative experience like never before, and companies like Microverse is on the path towards disrupting the way that we live and interact with one another. With the metaverse poised to be the next evolution of the internet and convergence of the latest technologies in gaming, social, commerce, it is exciting to see what a platform like Microverse can deliver and the extent of the impact it would bring. 

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