deepstate. The DJ Duo That Is Making Experimental Bass with Bold New Ideas

deepstate. The DJ Duo That Is Making Experimental Bass with Bold New Ideas

Music holds a deep meaning for many people. Some use it as an outlet for their feelings; others see it as an escape into a different world. But the DJ duo deepstate. wants their music to inspire others to change the world. 

deepstate. is a Seattle-based DJ and producer duo formed as a collaboration between DJs Alex Donka and Joey Rebbe. The duo is famous for its gritty, electro-style, mid-tempo bass and dubstep. Since the beginning of their career in 2019, they have left their mark on the bass scene and have performed at Bass Canyon Music Festival in 2019 and 2021. 

Early in 2020, deepstate. released their first EP and have since continued to increase their body of work. Their pieces tend to feel dark, aggressive, and energetic, but they always include a revolutionary message in their music. Using thought-provoking lyrics and intense melodies, the duo inspires their audience not only to dance, but to question the world around them. Through their music, deepstate. rebels against corrupt authorities and institutions. 

With every live performance they do, deepstate. does more than just entertain the crowd. Their sets are crafted to help their audience see the wrong in the world and change it for the better. This duo wants their fans to leave every live performance with a changed mindset and perspective from when they came in. Hopefully, after their deepstate. experience, they begin to think more critically about the world around them. 

deepstate. Creates their live sets from a variety of media source material. They perform both multi-genre and single genre sets. A compilation of podcast clips creatively put together serve as their standard intro. Their music also features custom song edits that reference pop culture backed by experimental bass. Additionally, deepstate. integrates live vocals and dynamic mixing into their shows, making each live set a unique experience.

Prior to becoming the beloved DJ duo that is deepstate., Joey Rebbe and Alex Donka were debate team partners in college. Both of them also have backgrounds as classically trained musicians. Their love of music and current affairs gave way to many hours discussing the state of the world, important issues, and how ordinary people can help. By adding music to their ideas and beliefs, deepstate. was born.

Joey Rebbe and Alex Donka have been lifelong performers and dedicated ravers, and as deepstate., they have fulfilled their dream of being on stage and wowing a massive crowd. By pioneering a unique, experimental sound and integrating all types of modern media into their performances, they have elevated EDM into something more. Joey Rebbe shared, “deepstate. is more than music. It’s an idea. And we hope that that idea can bloom into action and change.”

People hear about EDM and have an immediate picture in their minds of large crowds jumping and dancing to beats manipulated by the DJs. And while the DJ duo deepstate. maintains that image, they add their own spin on the music and use it as an outlet for change. deepstate. refuses to stand still – they keep evolving and changing to bring unique music and ideas to their fans and followers. 

The group’s newest single, Proletariat, releases Friday, 10/22, on all streaming platforms 

To learn more about the deepstate. and their music, you may visit their website.

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