Soulber, Serving And Helping The Addicts To Recover And Rehabilitate Back Into Society

Using Soulber, addicts can reclaim their healthy and normal lives by reconnecting with society. The app is available on smartphones making the user feel safe and at home while recovering.

“Soulber” is a recovery app for people who are struggling with any addiction. While keeping the recovering addicts accountable, the app helps them reconnect back to society to live a happy and healthier life. The app ensures building a relationship of trust between the clients and their family members. The app and its unique features can be beneficial to family members. They can easily keep up and track the progress of their loved ones.

In addition to these benefits, the rehabilitate app provides a lot of other helpful features. By addressing the issues and coming up with unique and favorable solutions, the app helps in enhancing the sober community. Unlike other rehab centers, Soulber helps their patients to the last extent by finding them a good job and assisting them with getting their finances in order. Moreover, the app makes sure to maintain sobriety in the patient, therefore, it connects the patient to the most suitable therapist.

After spending about 12 months in different and multiple treatment centers, the founder and CEO of Soulber Pinchas Krasnanski did a keen observation on a few things and said, “I have been in recovery for two years. Though it helped me kick the addiction to the substance, Rehab did not help me find and maintain a job or reintegrate into real life. I say this as someone who has stayed in several rehab centers. I believe rehabs are flawed and corrupt. They do not make money if someone stays sober – they make money if someone relapses. I want to help recovering addicts get their lives back on track, and help others facing the same struggles.”

The CEO of Soulber emphasizes, again and again, the importance of reintegrating the patient back to society. In creating the app, he made sure that all the features would provide users with the opportunity to reconnect with the outside world again. Furthermore, the app does not charge users for the services it provides, demonstrating the developer’s thoughtfulness towards its users. But, if the family member wishes to keep up with the progress of their loved ones, each member has to pay a license fee of $49.99/month.

Pinchas Krasnanski discussed the objective of Soulber app by saying, “My goal for Soulber is for it to be used by all recovering addicts- before, during, and posttreatment. I would like to partner with Treatment Centers and Sober Living Centers, so their clients can use our app and resources. This is something I am very passionate about, an industry I know quite well from personal experience and intensive research.”

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About the App:

Soulber app helps to recover a person from within themselves by providing them all the support to put their life together again. The app aims to make recovery fun for all the addicts rather than imposing anything on them and draining their mental health. The app also suggests treating the recovered patients normally and letting them live a normal life as they have an abundance of knowledge and experience. The app provides a safe and faster recovery for the patients where they can find recovered people and make friends too.  

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