Inclusive Children’s Book Fund Aims to Send Free Books to Teachers Nationwide

The Passage Press, publishing house, understands the value of representation and aims to empower every student with messages of inclusivity.

The Passage Press announces the release of its new fundraiser, the Inclusive Children’s Book Fund (ICB Fund), which is inspired by teachers who encourage inclusivity in their classrooms. Working directly with amazing authors who care about inclusion, the fund sends a free book to one of the teachers who share their cause.

To enter teachers, need to fill out the form on The Passage Press website. Griebelbauer is the organizer of the ICB Fund. Their goal for the school year 2021-2022 is to donate 500 books to classrooms. Ten percent of The Passage Press’ profits from its book sales, including future books, go to the fund. To purchase a copy of their current book, go to their website,

Their motto at The Passage Press is “Empower Empathy Early,” and they believe that children’s books are one of the best tools to spread the message.

The Passage Press team is committed to the four key values that guide their decisions: empowering empathic understanding, the power of positivity, a community promoting fairness and self-acceptance and service. They care about inclusion and want to make sure that students everywhere have access to books that represent them.

“The ICB fund isn’t possible without people who want to make the world more inclusive: the authors, teachers, donors and those who share about it — all coming together to make an impact one book at a time,” shared a representative from The Passage Press.

This journey started when the publishing house decided to publish its first children’s book, “D is for Darcy Not Dyslexia.” An Amazon reviewer shared, “Charming, warm and empathetic, ‘D is for Darcy Not Dyslexia’ is a shining representation of children’s literature.”

The main character is dyslexic, like the author Abigail Griebelbauer. She created the book she wished she had growing up with dyslexia. The need for more inclusive books was made clear from the responses to this first book, and they are currently working on the second book.

They have a GoFundMe page, where likeminded people can donate. The fund is currently only available in the U.S., but the organizers hope to expand internationally in the future. Books included in the fund are externally authored and published. A full list can be found on the website.For media inquiries, please contact Abigail Griebelbauer, author at The Passage Press, through

More information can be found at

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The Passage Press is committed to empowering empathic understanding, the power of positivity, a community promoting fairness and self-acceptance and service.

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