Virtual Traveling Now Made Available with Huvr Inc.

This newest gig economy company and tech platform launches virtual exploration in 54 countries.

When the pandemic brought the world to a halt, traveling was one of the many activities affected. And several months into it, there are still travel restrictions in various parts of the world. The travel and tourism industry continues to suffer this big blow. While everyone hopes for the travel restrictions to lift soon, many left the industry to look for other opportunities to support themselves and their families.

Huvr Inc, a new gig company and tech platform, was launched and now available in more than 50 countries to help with this ongoing challenge. Huvr Inc is a real-time virtual travel app that aims to give individuals the power and control to explore the world while providing a source of income for those who need it. Now available in 54 countries to hire Walkers, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States. Interested individuals may see the list here­.

“If you haven’t heard of Huvr, you will soon. It’s the newest gig economy opportunity currently focused on virtual exploration,” said Huvr representative. “If you think about the Uber model with drivers and riders, Huvr has Walkers and Travelers.”

Huvr Inc. connects its customers, which are called “Travelers” to “Walkers” who are on the ground. When a Traveler registers on the Huvr app, they simply select a destination, and choose a Walker. Once a Walker accepts, both can go live right away or at a scheduled time.

The company caters to individuals with various travel needs and unlike other virtual travel platforms, Huvr’s offering is unique because of its real-time one-on-one exploration. Huvr Walkers take virtual travelers on a live virtual experience which can range from discovering new places, to attractions, checking out local events, viewing real estate or any fun or in-demand hot spot.

In addition, Huvr also provides ample gig economy job opportunities. The company verifies and approves Walkers who can stream real-time destinations, places of interest in their local cities. They get to exercise, enjoy their city and the flexibility of when they want to work while earning an income.

Huvr is excited to see its growth in communities globally to help stimulate the travel industry in a new way. This also extends to businesses and brands who wish to innovative and connect with their fans, students or a new type of consumer to make an experiential impact.

About Huvr Inc

Huvr is a real-time virtual travel app that puts individuals in the driver’s seat to explore the world. It connects virtual travelers with human walkers at a specific location who can provide real-time, one-on-one travel experiences. One-to-many is expected to release shortly.

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