Dena Konrad, Iowa Autism Mom, Takes the Lead to Raise Money for Autism Organization

Dena Konrad, Iowa Autism Mom, Takes the Lead to Raise Money for Autism Organization

Dena Konrad
Dena Konrad, In Conjunction with First Realty Cares, an Iowa Non-Profit Foundation, Provides Annual Donations to Balance Autism.

Having a child with autism can be a daunting task for autism moms like Dena Konrad, but luckily organizations like Balance Autism exist, who can help the children learn how to live their their disorder and provide therapy and care to the children.

Dena’s 12 year old son spent 5 years with Balance Autism receiving their quality care from their intensive ABA Program (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and she knew when the time came for her to give back, she would help so that other parents of children with autism would be able to take advantage of all of their resources.

Dena Konrad’s business, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Home Realty has a non-profit foundation called First Realty Cares which is geared towards raising funds for local charities in the area, and when the time came for discussing which charities would be best to help, Dena knew that it was her chance to give back to Balance Autism for all the help that they provided for her son during his 5 years with them.

During her speech about Balance Autism, Dena said “Balance Autism provides a vital service to all ages of those with Autism, from diagnosis to adulthood. Without their intensive program, my son would not be anywhere near where he is now. Their approach to teach parents as well as provide skills to the child, is incredibly effective. Donating money to this cause will have an affect on a large number of children and families in our community for the better.”  

When asked about her company’s foundation First Realty Care, Dena followed by stating “I feel so lucky to work for an amazing company that supports organizations that matter to it’s employees.”

Along with the annual donation, Dena has also been active annually with the annual Autism Speaks Walk from 2014-2019 where she, her family, and friends were able to raise money for the organization.  The walk was put on pause the last 2 years due to COVID, but is scheduled to start up again this coming year.  

You can also see some of Dena’s past work with autism awareness with their “Blue Pumpkin” campaign during trick-or-treat for the children, where the blue pumpkins were carried by autistic trick-or-treaters.  You can read more about the blue pumpkin awareness here:

For more information about how you can get involved, you can reach out to Dena Konrad on her LinkedIn page, or check out the Balance Autism website.

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