Toms RiDICKulous Things And The Beer Can Chicken Stand War

Toms RiDICKulous Things is a Canadian brand that specializes in manufacturing unique chicken stands and barbecue accessories.

Being an innovative entrepreneur in the age of rapid transit of information is remarkably risky. From scams, over smear campaigns, to identity thieves, entrepreneurs and brands are constantly faced with an unseen threat.

Tom Mueller, the founder of Toms RiDICKulous Things, was a victim of cybercriminals, but he managed to overcome these challenges and is now committed to helping businesses win their battles in online sales.

“They say imitation is the highest form of a compliment. Proudly accept that win. But I won’t let it cost me my reputation or my income. As a small business start-up in 2018, moving onto Amazon in 2019 and was selling hundreds of units a day just two years later. The sales, to discover, were driven partly by the business of knock-offs. The Beer Can Chicken Stand War is where I drew the line and now offer this advice to small businesses to win their battles in online sales.”

Although Amazon is regarded as one of the safest and most secure online marketplaces, it is not scam-proof. Due to the sheer volume of traded goods and brands that are daily entering the scene, its defensive mechanisms can’t handle frauds and scammers instantly. Fortunately, Amazon’s Fraud Detector is constantly being updated, but Tom advises brands to still take active measures to safeguard their identities, income, and online reputation.

According to Tom, his company was a target of identity theft. The content was stolen from his webpage, and his designs were poorly imitated. Fortunately, loyal customers of have reported this injustice:

“Drop-shippers used Facebook ads and used my photos to sell imitation products. Some clients were savvy enough to see that the sales pages looked suspicious and connected directly to the website instead. Sale skyrocketed.”

Tom firmly states that the negative impact of identity theft is secondary to the dangers of tarnished reputation caused by products of inferior quality placed by cybercriminals:

“There should have been no complaints, but the knock-offs were not of the same quality and this was affecting the RiDICKulous Amazon seller rating. There are now hundreds of copycat listings for the beer can chicken stands product on Amazon.”

Tom was not discouraged by the recent events that took place. Instead, he decided to focus on empowering his company, leading the RiDICKulous Things to new victories and growth:

“I have certainly learned a lot about business in four short years. will continue to evolve to offer more entertaining and useful items. Amazon does offer a huge global platform, but I will be working on driving more sales through my website. The Beer Can Chicken Stand War isn’t over. Some battles have been lost, lessons learned, and new strategies will be used for new product launches. Laughter over beers with friends will continue to drive creativity and more ridiculous ideas will be ready for battle.”

More information about Toms Ridickulous Things can be found on the brand’s official website.

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