Ella Dean invited to showcase at The Secret Rooms Event for The Grammys in January 2022

Ella Dean is going places and will soon be seen featuring its natural hair care growth oil at Beverly Hills in California.

Portland, OR – October 22, 2021 – Portland-based leading hair care product brand Ella Dean is pleased to announce that it has been invited to showcase at the esteemed The Secret Rooms Event for the Grammys in January 2022. The fast rising hair care product brand is a natural hair care product company that caters to both men and women with textured hair. The company designs and manufactures premium au-natural hair care solutions made with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that aid in hair growth and reduce scalp inflammation and hair loss.

Founded in November 2020, Ella Dean has been making waves since its inception, grabbing prominent features on local news stations in Portland, Oregon, USA (KGW, KPTV, The Oregonian, & The Hollywood Star News) and leading digital beauty publication BeautyMatter. Next month, the brand will be featured in the upcoming (Nov/Dec 2021) issue of the renowned Sheen Magazine. 

“It’s a proud moment for us to share with you all that we have recently been invited to showcase our ‘Look, But Don’t Touch’ (Extra Hair Growth Oil) at the prestigious The Secret Rooms Event (Beverly Hills, California) for The Grammy’s in January 2022! We are deeply honored for the opportunity and we are grateful to The Secret Rooms Event authority for believing in us”, stated Nicole Rose, the dynamic lady behind Ella Dean. 

One of the brand’s most sought-after products, Look, But Don’t Touch is an all-natural blend of Indian Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Comfrey Root, and Hibiscus, which has shown to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth as well as prevent premature greying. The oil works to revitalize the scalp and provide deep nourishment for healthier, longer, and stronger hair. 

(In Frame: Nicole Rose)

Added to the hair growth oil, Ella Dean has come up with 3 other hair care products – Honor Thy Crown (Hair Growth Oil), No Time For Flakes (Intense Dandruff Oil), and So Long, Itch! (Itchy Scalp Oil).  

Ella Dean products cater to all types and textures of hair. 

“Our hair products have ushered in a unique and fresh perspective in the hair and beauty industry with their unique organic blend of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Fruits and vegetable carrier oils have many important vitamins that increase the overall health of your hair compared to other carrier oils such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, etc. On the other hand, we use herbs because they are  not only rich in medicinal properties but also contain amazing aromatic properties. So, our hair care products not only reward you with luscious tresses, bouncy curls, and longer hair but they also feel and smell good.” 

Recently, Ella Dean has launched a line of soft, plush and colorful Velvet Hair Scrunchies.  

“Our velvet scrunchies are both stylish and comfortable and they are perfect to add that extra dose of oomph to any hairstyle. They are delicate and gentle for all hair types and safe for all hair textures.” 

Ella Dean is in Portland, OR and also in 5 retail local stores: Drink Mamey, Mid-K Beauty Supply, Coral Story Beauty, SymbiOp Garden Shop, and VIBY. 

For more information, please visit https://elladean.com

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