EZ Advocates makes Consumer Protection Easy and Reliable

The agency helps clients win consumer fraud cases and more.

When consumers fall victim to the ploys of scam artists or even the irresponsibility of big corporations, they are often unaware that their consumer protection laws and rights give them the power to fight back. EZ Advocates, LLC, a consumer protection agency, has been assisting individuals in Maine and clients across (and sometimes even outside) the U.S. who have fallen victim to consumer fraud.

If the client needs to recover funds from a business due to a consumer rights violation, EZ Advocates will provide them with the resources necessary to help them recover their money. EZ Advocates assigns a personal advocate to every client. Their team of advocates specialize in consumer protection rights and are ready to answer any questions or provide assistance whenever clients need it. They are committed to raising consumer rights awareness and informing consumers of their options. The team is fully equipped with resources and knowledge to help clients resolve any consumer rights violations and avoid similar situations in the future.

They have established a great connection with the community and provided meaningful service for Mainers even beyond the consumer advocacy program — providing support at the local soup kitchens and family shelters and assisting many housing programs.

For clients who face a business that might seem a bit intimidating due to its size and reputation, EZ Advocates helps by reaching out to various regulatory agencies that can assist in the dispute. Regulatory agencies have a great influence in balancing the scales. They will look into the matter if it seems fit. It may or may not be in their jurisdiction but they will most certainly point the client in the right direction.

EZ Advocates have experts who review and approve documents to ensure quality and professionalism are displayed throughout the document. Clients have the option to receive all the paperwork in advance in good faith. Once received, they will carry out the service. They are also more than welcome to request the agency’s assistance in the preparation of the forms. Their seasoned advocates will give a helping hand throughout the agreement.

Maine is a state that has been built on trust, integrity and hard work. Mainers have a true belief in staying true to their word. EZ Advocates lives by those ideals and always delivers genuine consumer protection to its clients.

They have three locations: their Portland, Maine, location; Tampa Florida location and a satellite office in Oregon.

EZ Advocates offers a free welcome package and survey for individuals who want to know if they are a victim of consumer fraud.

More information can be found at https://ezadvocates.com/.

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EZ Advocates is a consumer protection agency based out of Portland, Maine.

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