Black Man Directs Movie about White Kids Skateboarding – Grandpa’s Crazy?

Black Man Directs Movie about White Kids Skateboarding - Grandpa’s Crazy?

“Danor Gerald, actor and director of Grandpa’s Crazy?”
Danor Gerald, known for his acting career, has just completed his feature film directorial debut, but surprisingly the film, Grandpa’s Crazy?, is about teenagers who skateboard and their relationship with Gramps – and they’re all white.

Tooele, Utah – “I know what you’re thinking. What right does a black man from the Mississippi Delta have to direct his first film about white kids skateboarding in Utah,” stated director Danor Gerald. He then answered by saying: “None at all. But the producer took a chance on me.”

Actor Danor Gerald has 53 acting credits listed on and although he has directed some commercials and shorts, his first feature film is Grandpa’s Crazy?, a position he did not even apply for. Producer Dave Bresnahan recruited him.

“I met Danor in 2013 on the film set of “Saints and Soldiers: The Void,” and then our paths continued to cross on other projects we were both involved in. My plans have always included writing and producing my own films, so when I work on other projects I carefully observe members of the cast and crew, knowing that one day I may wish to consider their skills in a project for me. Danor Gerald has always been tops on my list of potential directors,” said Bresnahan.

Grandpa’s Crazy? has many young kids as actors. Bresnahan said he knew he needed a director who could help young actors to give their best performance. He says Gerald was the perfect choice for this challenging task. He also said that he knew Gerald could polish the script Bresnahan wrote.

“I focused on being an actor’s director, helping the younger cast to achieve their best performances. Teaching them that the essence of a character is revealed between the lines. Acting is truly about reacting,” explained Gerald.

The film addresses many key social issues, without becoming “preachy” by just making these issues part of the story. There are numerous emotional moments in the story that will touch hearts as well as make audiences laugh.

“My driving mantra has been to make it matter. The acting, cinematography, dialogue, story, should all matter. This pandemic has reminded us how important mattering is. Aging, dementia, elderly loneliness, prejudice, patriarchal dysfunction, child abuse, teenage suicide, family reconciliation, teenage adoption are all thematic elements in the film that matter, and of course the movement of skateboarding from counterculture into the Olympic mainstream matters,” explained Gerald.

“The cast and crew all embraced these important issues and this united everyone into a strong team effort that enabled the film to become something very special. I believe this film will help people of all ages to make course corrections in their lives, and thus it will help to change lives,” said Bresnahan.

Grandpa’s Crazy? is in the last stages of post-production. It has been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, and if it is selected it will premier there.

“We believe this film will enhance any film festival that selects it, because there is a very high demand from the public for more family-friendly, feel good films like Grandpa’s Crazy? It is a film that grandparents can bring their adult kids and grandchildren to see together, and they will all come away with a big smile on their face. It will help unite families in many ways,” said Bresnahan.

The film was filmed entirely in Utah, and the cast and crew were all from Utah. Most of the principal filming took place in the community of Tooele, a rural community just west of Salt Lake City.

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