Enabling Relevant dialogues in Architecture: ArchWeekly – A journal competition series organized by UNI

Enabling Relevant dialogues in Architecture: ArchWeekly - A journal competition series organized by UNI

Visual from the ArchWeekly competitions on Uni.xyz
Among the giants of the architecture industry, UNI has been able to establish its presence in the world of architecture competitions that not only caters to architects but invite all creators from artists, photographers, and designers to showcase their skills on a far-reaching platform.

ArchWeekly is an initiative to break the conventions of research available to designers, bound by exclusivity and subjective narration. Introducing new content to relevant architecture themes is not only beneficial to readers but opens up a new avenue of architecture journalism that allows all creatives to be equal contributors in all matters. 

Hosted by UNI.xyz, ArchWeekly wishes to reinforce how critical writing and thinking are crucial factors in fostering a holistic growth of the online architectural community. The program will acquaint creators with the power of narratives and simultaneously create an invaluable information portal on the website that contains unbiased documentation on a plethora of architecture subjects.

The program

12 weeks – 12 topics – 1 online writing event

While there is no limit to the number of architecture subjects that call for debate, but for the ArchWeekly program, we at UNI have come up with a selection of 12 subjects to invite constructive discussions and warranted opinions. The series of contests invite architects, writers, designers, theorists, journalists, and thinkers to express their ideas and concepts with the written word. 

The themes are designed to evoke conversation on a weekly basis. All the themes will be launched on one day with prize incentives for each theme released in the subsequent weeks.  Participants are encouraged to take part in as many themes as they can to increase their chances of winning exciting awards.

The intent of the program

One of the main goals of the ArchWeekly program is to provide equitable access to all creators to share their ideas, opinions, or experiences in an enriching written format. Hesitation due to elitist content must be shattered and every creator must be empowered with the tool of writing to convey ideas in a cohesive manner.

It aims to shift the focus of designers from creating visual content and appealing representation to the theoretical exploration of design. As the writing takes the lead in the program, creators are encouraged to submit their work in any content form be it an article, essay, interview, or review. 

Architects, students, professionals, designers, and enthusiasts belonging to varying disciplines and backgrounds are welcome to participate in ArchWeekly competitions.

About the jury

The Jury for ArchWeekly will involve the multi-disciplinary editorial team at UNI. For the grand jury, UNI is inviting a network of respected academicians and experts who can provide their insights on every subject. They are passionate about writing and the role of documented research in the architecture and design fields.

The registration for ArchWeekly competitions starts on 1st November 2021, 6:30 PM GMT+05:30, and the last date for submission of entries on all 12 themes is 31 January 2022, 6:30 AM GMT+05:30. The winners of theme-specific awards will be announced from 2nd December 2021 onwards and the announcement of the Grand winners of ArchWeekly Awards will be on 25 February 2022, 6:30 AM GMT+05:30. All the winners will be featured on the website and all social media accounts of UNI.

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