RingID sets a new Benchmark in Social Commerce by creating jobs for millions

RingID took Social Commerce to next Level…

New York – 25th October, 2021 – South Asia focused; Ring ID is the world’s first Community Social Network that Combines Social Networking, Social E-Commerce & Financial Service into one seamless experience.

The iconic Montreal based RingID founded by Ms Ayrin islam, is a dynamic platform that makes you versatile with all the exciting features of social communication including Voice & Video calls, Chat & Secret chat, Newsfeed, News Portal, Media channels and Multi-User interactive Live, along with a Social Marketplace. The platform has managed to amass 20 million + users predominantly in South Asia by offering them an option to earn according to their contribution using their knowledge & offering professional services within the ecosystem.

A platform where users can not only connect but also earn, learn, share and fulfill their day-to-day needs in one place.

Ms Ayrin Islam; Co-Founder & CEO of RingID – Getty2021 –

RingID’s mission is to value the usage time of its users in a more productive way that they spent on other networks with zero return. The company targets social media dependent young Adult in highly populated countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.  

Since its launch, RingID Interactive Live continues to gain in popularity and has proven its ability to offer endless hours of entertainment & service for users. RingID Live provides the unique ability for its users to earn and spend within the network. This adds a whole new dimension to the influencer community through receiving subscription fees and redeemable gifts within the platform.

In essence, broadcasters are offering their professional services or simply sharing knowledge on the platform with the added advantage of earning from paid calls, gifts & more. Professional service providers such as doctors, teachers, stylists, beauticians, lawyers, consultants & other professionals can offer a wide range of service to viewers using the Interactive Live platform. They can offer their advice, tips or opinions for free or charge a subscription fee. They can even offer direct & private consultancy using the paid calls feature

Example: As can be seen on the image, broadcasters can share their store collection with audiences which can be directly purchased by viewers during a live broadcast.

Blending entertainment through its interactive Live with instant purchasing, RingID’s Social commerce offers retailers, brands, and digital platforms a new channel with enormous scope for creating value. RingID Live Influencer/Ambassadors program is changing how influential bloggers make money from their fan base.

“Until now, social media influencers could only direct followers to their online shops through a link at the bottom of blog posts. However, through RingID influencer program, Influencer can now embed their own Store Collection with products from various brands within the ecosystem,” mentioned Ms Ayrin Islam.

Users can create their own Virtual Storefront using the combined features of ringID Live & Marketplace. Without any investment, they can create their own Virtual Storefront / Store Collection with products from various brands and list them as their favourites or promoted products during Live broadcasts to the worldwide audience. Viewers will interact with the broadcaster through direct voice & video calls if necessary. They can simply place an order to get the chosen product during a live session. As promoters, broadcasters can offer advice on the products or otherwise promote their preferred products and get rewarded for generating sales. They will earn a reward when products are purchased from their store collection usually in the form of commissions straight into their ringID Wallet.

Influencer will be rewarded through a sales commission assigned by the seller when products are purchased from their store collection and get the commission straight into their account.The influencer program really opens up the potential and will give the key opinion leaders another opportunity to more easily monetize.

Similarly, RingID’s  Brand Promoter program  allows to do Affiliate marketing by  which they earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products given in ringID’s affiliate network or promotional  Pool.  The affiliate simply searches for products they enjoy, then promote products via other social networking platform or social channel to customer including his existing friends, family or fan base. When someone buys through the affiliate link, he/she gets a commission.

“Our mission has always been to create a Decentralized Eco-system. A medium for new digital economic opportunities in a worldwide community, where everyone can earn according to their contribution by exchanging knowledge & participating in the global narrative.” Ms Ayrin Added, “The RingID eco-system will change the way we, as a society, experience social networks. RingID enables users to have a broader look at social life. RingID will have a significant impact on the lives of every user by giving an unique digital experience and creating Jobs for million.”

Ayrin Islam, based in Montreal, Canada, is the Co-founder and CEO of RingID, a social networking Platform that Combines Social Networking, Social Commerce & Financial Service into one seamless experience. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technology and a Bachelor degree in Finance, she started her first business fresh out of university. Being the woman in charge of other established technology businesses, she has the competency of following the latest trends in the global tech industry and evaluating it by her own skilled interpretations. This has led to many key realizations from time to time and RingID was the result of one of them.

While going through the behavior of the social media, she swiftly realized the fact that Social media addiction is a behavioral disorder in which young adults become fascinated by social media and are unable to reduce their consumption despite clear negative consequences and severe drawbacks.

Thus, RingID was built as an escort to overcome those challenges and help them to find a healthy perspective way and utilise social media in a more meaningful way by creating an ecosystem blending Social Media with working atmosphere: 



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