Spacebar Agency Provides SEO Audit Tool for Squarespace DIYers, Designers, and Developers

All-In-One Free SEO Tool Detects Issues and Lists Actionable Steps for Website Optimization.

Within seconds, business owners and website developers can check their Squarespace SEO power and discover ways to optimize their sites. Provided by Spacebar Agency, the free SEO audit tool developed for sites built through the Squarespace platform scans any page in search of 15 types of SEO issues.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing objective for business owners and for the people they hire to build their websites. A strong online presence relies on solid SEO strategies that bring a healthy volume of traffic to the Squarespace-built site.

By running Spacebar Agency’s free SEO audit tool, which only requires a URL and an email address, a developer or site owner can see how well the site is doing and learn what areas need additional optimization.

The tool reports on key parameters that make a difference collectively and individually. These parameters influence the order of items that appear in search engine results in response to a web search query. Squarespace SEO strategies strive to move a site higher on the list of search results.

Using this SEO audit tool, developers receive detailed information about the page’s title, description, URL, and other elements where metadata optimization can be improved. For each element, helpful tips are provided to boost Squarespace SEO, such as what is an ideal title tag length and why the tag needs to be keyword rich.

Another area the audit tool checks is content optimization. Here the emphasis is on ensuring a positive user experience as well as building Squarespace SEO. Content areas checked by the SEO audit tool include the load time of blog posts on mobile devices and the word count on website pages. The tool offers key insights into why these parameters matter along with tips on optimizing blog and page content.

In addition to covering metadata and content optimization, Spacebar Agency’s audit tool checks for problems with design optimization and technical SEO, offering solutions that website owners and developers alike may not be aware of.

The SEO audit tool provided by Spacebar Agency is the first place to go to check for potential website issues that diminish SEO performance. Free to use and simple to run, this tool returns focused information and straightforward, actionable steps anyone can take to improve Squarespace SEO. The audit tool can be accessed at

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