Up-And-Coming Fashion Designer Alexandra Altieri Lands Her First Interview With Celebrity Talk Show Host On Prime-time Show & Podcast

Alexandra Altieri will be appearing on the Darriel Roy Show, with an audience of over 60 million viewers, to discuss her new brand Altieri Milano. Filming will take place on Thanksgiving weekend 2021 with the Podcast version scheduled to be released the following weekend.

Rocky Point, NY – Oct 25th, 2021 – Alexandra Altieri, an up-and-coming designer and founder of Altieri Milano, has officially announced that she will be appearing on the Darriel Roy Show. Darriel Roy is a celebrity TV Host and journalist, and has interviewed numerous A-list celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Reynolds, and the Prime Minister of Canada. As Alexandra’s new brand gains popularity, Darriel Roy’s publicist invited her to appear on their show to discuss her future plans for the Aliteri Milano brand.

Altieri Milano made a big splash in the fashion and design industry with the release of their first line of exclusive fragrances, easily spotted by the custom hand-painted designs that graced the outside of their perfume bottles. Their first two fragrances, peony & tea rose, and white jasmine & magnolia blossom received great praise and reviews by industry insiders, and that has proven to be a great launching pad to bring the Altieri Milano brand to the next level. She is expected to expand the brand to luxury products such as designer hats, designer belts, high-end jewelry, and more.

Alexandra Altieri will appear on the Darriel Roy Show to discuss her new brand and the new products that people can expect her to release soon. Alexandra was recently quoted as saying, “When I started this brand, I had no idea how quickly it would catch on, and I feel so great to be able to make my first appearance on the Darriel Roy Show to promote my brand and discuss my story with her audience. I started Altieri Milano at only 18 years old, and the same way that I was inspired by other fashion designers, I hope that my story can also inspire other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.”

In addition to Alexandra being on a talk show at just 19 years old, it will also be converted into a podcast. The podcast will be available on iHeart Radio Podcasts including Spotify and Google Podcasts. Darriel Roy’s content is aired on Verizon Media Studios such as MSN, AOL, and HuffPost. The Darriel Roy Show airs on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and all android boxes internationally on TAG TV.

Alexandra Altieri is looking for agents, managers, and publicists who would like to work with her and assist her in her journey as an upcoming designer and entrepreneur. Anyone with interest in working with her as an agent, manager or publicist is encouraged to reach out to her at alexandraalti@aol.com.  

Follow Alexandra Altieri on her Instagram at @altieriloves and @alexandraaltierii.

To learn more about the all-new Altieri Milano brand or to purchase their fragrances, visit their official website at https://altierii.com.

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