BooxAI Launches AI-Based Publishing Services for Self-Publishers

With BooxAI, authors can publish and distribute their books worldwide without the stress of the technical aspects of self-publishing.

St. Petersburg, Florida – Oct 25, 2021 ­- BooxAI has launched its comprehensive suite of AI-powered publishing-related services for all fledgling authors. Each book is ready to be published through more than 100 distribution channels in both e-book and print on demand formats in just eight days. The writer is in complete control, and BooxAI is there every step of the way.

“Publishing a book is a complicated and expensive process. Many books are left as drafts and never shared with the world. To self-publish, the author needs to learn the intricate process of book publishing. They also need to spend at least $2,500­–$5,000 in advance, and the entire process can take up to six months. Our goal is to make this journey easier, and more affordable,” said Yehuda Niv, Founder and CEO of BooxAI.

BooxAI’s multi-service packages include proofreading, formatting, cover design, distribution, marketing, and more. While cutting-edge AI technology simplifies the production process (proofreading and formatting) to substantially reduce publishing time and expenses, manuscripts are manually reviewed by real people before they are sent out for clients’ approval.BooxAI’s services come with a full, 30-day money-back guarantee.

The publishing house also allocates a dedicated production manager to every author for a smooth publishing experience. The team adds a personal touch to the process by offering constructive feedback, something that is often lacking in the publishing world. Authors are guaranteed 70% of all sales revenue, while BooxAI claims only 30 percent of net income. After the book launch, a quarterly sales report is automatically generated, and makes all payments via wire transfer or PayPal.

BooxAI’s wide distribution network empowers writers to reach millions of readers worldwide. Some of its partner publishers include Barnes & Noble, baker & tylor Amazon, Adlibris, and more.

“As proven by our impressive portfolio of partner publishers all over the world, we highly value building long-lasting relationships that are appreciated by those who have already worked with us. We guarantee our authors the global audience they most definitely deserve after years of hard work and relationship building,” said Lev David, CMO of BooxAI.

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About BooxAI

BooxAI offers every publishing-related service in one place — Ghostwriting, literary and linguistic editing, proofreading, layout, design, illustration, scoring, printing, online distribution, translation, e-book formatting, audiobook creation, public relations, and more. Its technology is developed based on the knowledge and experience gained from founding a decade-old book publishing house that publishes over 800 titles every year. It has more than 300 service providers and hundreds of bestsellers that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

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