Lab Diamonds Online, A Premier Directory of Lab-Created Diamonds, Helps Consumers World’s Premium Retailers

San Diego, CA – Lab Diamonds Online, an international directory of diamond retailers, has been critically acclaimed for helping consumers identify the best domestic and international retailers of lab created diamonds. As lab-created diamonds become increasingly popular alternatives to traditional diamonds, consumers are trusting Lab Diamonds Online in record numbers for current and accurate information on the market.

As an online directory, Lab Diamonds Online ranks and scores retailers worldwide specializing in lab-created diamonds. The Lab Diamonds Online sources diamonds from each retailer and determines their quality using a variety of metrics, including diamond color, clarity, cut, and carat, in addition to their customer service and reviews. Each retailer is then awarded a certified Lab Diamonds Online ranking, which helps consumers quickly identify the best retailers of lab-created diamonds in the marketplace.

“We review diamonds from James Allen, Brilliant Earth, With Clarity, Ritani, Clean Origin, and other top brands,” remarked Yair Oren, President of Lab Diamonds Online. “We are proud to be the top online directory for consumers seeking lab-created diamonds, which have many benefits over traditional ones,” Oren added.

The directory is currently home to a wealth of information on some of the top retailers in the world, making it a one-of-a-kind resource for consumers looking to understand the marketplace and benefits of lab-created diamonds, which are practically identical to natural ones. To learn more, please visit LabDiamonds.Online.

About Lab Diamonds Online

Lab Diamonds Online is an online directory of diamond retailers specializing in lab-created synthetic alternatives to traditional diamonds. The company monitors and rates these retailers and publishes a list of the top 10 dealers worldwide, in addition to other information on lab-created diamonds.

To learn more, please visit LabDiamonds.Online.

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