Teaspoons & Co. pioneering the “green” move in Boba tea scene with 100% recyclable cups and DIY Boba kits

Teaspoons & Co. has ushered in a new era in the Boba tea scene with the FIRST 100% RECYCLABLE cup in Canada.

Vancouver, BC – October 25, 2021 – A Vancouver-based fast-rising Boba Tea brand is trailblazing the eco-friendly shift in the Boba Tea scene and for all the great reasons. Teaspoons & Co., as the brand is called, has introduced the FIRST 100% RECYCLABLE cup to Canada which successfully eliminates the unwanted use of plastic lids and straws. The company is also offering eco-friendly DIY boba kits for home so that people can adopt the practice of reducing single-use plastic waste at home as well.

Founded by young visionary sibling entrepreneurs, Joyce and Joshua Yim, Teaspoons & Co. is the FIRST boba shop (in North America or the world) to use plastic-free paper cups and bamboo fibre straws. These cups are designed and patented by Ireland-based Kotkamills ISLA.  Teaspoons & Co.  recently posted a TikTok video on its 100% Recyclable ISLA Butterfly Cups that went viral fast, garnering a whopping number of 7 million+ views and counting. 

(In Frame: Joyce Yim)

“Single-use plastic waste staggering in landfills and oceans is one of the most menacing factors behind the surging rate of global warming today. In fact, disposable plastic waste is accountable for around 4 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Not just that, plastic waste flowing into oceans kills around 100,000+ marine animals annually. Our planet and its inhabitants are in grave danger and it’s about time we individually become proactive to get rid of single-use plastic as much as possible. It’s such ethos that led Teaspoons & Co. to launch the 100% RECYCLABLE plastic-free ISLA Butterfly Cups and the sustainable DIY Boba tea kits to the Boba Tea scene”, stated Joyce while speaking about the green lifestyle values of their brand. 

The ISLA Butterfly Cups used by Teaspoons & Co. are made from wood, a renewable raw material. The cups are coated with a unique water-based dispersion coated barrier which is fully recyclable and repulpable.

Top features of ISLA Butterfly Cups:

  • The cup is completely plastic-free and the cup lining too is devoid of plastic
  • The cup eliminates usage of plastic straws and lids
  • Good for both hot and cold drinks
  • Made of ISLA® barrier board, the cups can be easily recycled along with normal paper and board waste
  • No environmental harm when thrown in landfill
  • Inner flap inside the cup designed to prevent unwanted spills and splashes 

“According to experts, Gen Z is vouching for ‘sustainable retail’ big time. So, it’s high-time for brands to adopt eco-friendly practices, products, and services as much as possible.” 

Speaking on their DIY Boba Tea kit, Joyce emphasized that the Bubble Tea Kits come with everything needed to make the perfect bubble tea at home. Good for 10 servings, the kit comprises loose leaf tea, 10 tea filters, customer’s choice of Tapioca pearls and jelly options. Customers have the option to choose from a wide variety of tea flavours, including Matcha, Black Tea, and also Non-caffeinated Tea. “All our DIY boba kits include a reusable metal straw. The boba kit was designed to allow people to make it in the comfort of their own homes and to reduce waste!”

For more information, please visit https://teaspoons.co 

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