Fritzner Lee Altidor Releases Book titled “Innocent Blood,” a Novel Which Reveals the Global Exploitation of Poor and Vulnerable Children

“Innocent Blood” by Fritzner Altidor is a book that paints the sad truth of the global exploitation of poor and vulnerable children while proffering solutions to curtail this human undoing

Prolific author and writer Fritzner Lee Altidor is delighted to announce the launch of his new book, “Innocent Blood,” which is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and “Innocent Blood” is based on the exploitation of poor and vulnerable children around the globe, and the author seeks to proffer measures to stop the advance of this human travesty.

The book is themed on the life and struggles of Victor, who is the main character, and how he finds himself on the run, running against time in the pursuit of justice. To end the evilness responsible for his sister’s death and sadistic bloodshed, Victor has to associate with a notorious killer. But, to conquer evil, a sacrifice is necessary, and an innocent blood must be shed.

Innocent children are caught in the vicious cycle of child slavery. Fritzner Altidor does not run or hide from this truth; rather, he confronts it head-on with fiction, piercing insight, and courage. “Innocent Blood” is not just about the problem; rather, it explores viable solutions that help facilitate the exploitation of the most vulnerable members within the society.

Not so many books today highlight this salient yet life-threatening issue like Fritzner has done. While the book reveals deep truths, the author has used fictional characters to ensure the book offers readers an unforgettable experience and shows the world practical ways to help stop the exploitation of children worldwide.

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About Fritzner Altidor

Fritzner Lee Altidor grew up on a farm in Cabaret, Haiti, and excelled academically. After High school, Fritzner immigrated to the United States, where he pursued higher education in business, graduating with college honors with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Rutgers University. After that, he became a Certified Public Accountant and went on to earn his Master’s degree and then a Law degree. He has worked for several reputable banking organizations and other local accounting firms since graduating college.

Fritzner is always willing and eager to help his community. Although he prefers to keep a low profile, his work as an adviser or accountant has been recognized in countless community endeavors. Fritzner is now a board member of three different non-profit organizations to provide charity and other needed assistance to those in need.

A man with no particular comfort zone and in constant search of life’s challenges, Fritzner surprisingly discovered his true passion, immersing himself in imaginary worlds. Fritzner began to write every thought, knowing that every word has its own story. Then, meticulously playing a fragile mosaic image in a real-life solid frame, Fritzner introduced the world to “On the Run from Evil Benefactors,” a novel from the heart. The story takes its readers from the comfort zone of the Western World to the impoverished streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, exposing social injustice and corruption.

In the sequel, “On the Hunt for Evil Predators,” Fritzner explores the lives of Restaveks (child slavery) in Haiti and how it feeds to more serious crimes; human and organ trafficking.

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