United For Autism Announces the New Version of Zac Browser

The new update boasts lots of features, hundreds of games and more personalisation options


England, United Kingdom – 26 October, 2021 – Zac Browser is an award-winning internet browser developed specifically for children with autism. United for Autism celebrates the success of over six million Zac Browser users worldwide with the launch of a new version. The updated Zac Browser is available today and is free to download from the Zac Browser website at zacbrowser.com.

As the first of its kind web browser, which is totally free to use, Zac Browser has been a success since it first launched in 2009, becoming a favourite among English, French and Spanish speaking children. Thanks to its kid-safe content and zero advertisements, parents, carers and teachers use Zac Browser to let their children enjoy the best that the internet has to offer while stimulating their social and learning skills.

Keeping up with the times, the new Zac Browser will include over 100,000 videos, more than 100 games, over 10,000 songs, weekly movie releases, live cameras from zoos and Space, and much more.

“The internet is an important part of our world and our everyday life.  Autistic people, at every age, should be digitally fluent and should be able to explore the internet safely,” said John LeSieur, founder and CEO of United for Autism and Zac Browser. “The new Zac Browser is smoother, faster and safer than it has ever been, and I’m sure children and teenagers will love it,” concluded LeSieur.

Zac Browser is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux and – in the future – it will also be compatible with Android and iOS.

Anyone interested in Zac Browser can download it for free at zacbrowser.com.

About United for Autism:

United for Autism Foundation Limited is a non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales. Its mission is to develop free and innovative, high-quality technologies that serve the global autism community and positively impact autistic individuals wherever they live, learn and work. United for Autism is best known for developing Zac Browser and other autism-centred technologies.

More information about Zac Browser can be found on United for Autism’s website: https://unitedforautism.org.

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