Is Trading Really Boring? Check Out the Latest Trend in Trading: Finding Stocks By Line Drawing

Is Trading Really Boring? Check Out the Latest Trend in Trading: Finding Stocks By Line Drawing

San Francisco, California – October 26, 2021 – Imagine there’s a blank canvas, and you’re allowed to use any indicator as a paintbrush. Want to find stocks in an uptrend? You got it. Bounce back? No problem. Golden cross? Yup. It’s as easy as drawing it and clicking that search button.

As a trader, it’s impossible to go through every single stock, but WeWave simplifies the research process by introducing its very own line drawing feature. It just works. If you are a long-term investor, you can use a time range of 3-months or 1-year to match. If you are a day stock trader, you can set the time range to 1-day or 1-week. If you are a momentum trader, you can filter by relative volume.

“I saw a video of your tool the other day, and genuinely, it was a eureka moment. I could have never imagined this was possible”, stated a recent WeWave user.

A TikTok video titled “Here Is A Website A Lot Of Traders Do Not Want You To Know About“ showcasing WeWave’s Draw & Search feature recently went viral, reaching 600k views.

So what’s the secret formula behind the scenes? Think of each stock price action as a musical instrument. WeWave applies in house machine learning & signal processing algorithms to find similar patterns, just like how the human brain can distinguish piano sound from orchestra music.

WeWave offers three major features on its website (Studio, Easy Start, Match by Symbol).

Studio empowers users to instantly draw their own trend lines. As simple as it sounds, there are no limits to user creativity or the possibilities that ensue. You can (literally) draw any line you desire. Easy Start provides classical charting options such as Golden Cross and Cup & Handle.

Match by Symbol allows users to type in any symbol to be matched. (e.g. For $MRNA’s symbol, the system will use the past 3-month price action to find the most compatible company.) It then generates a pool of companies whose prices dipped and peaked at the same time.

It is pretty safe to say that WeWave is officially the new cool kid on the block, boasting an impressive 226% subscriber growth rate month after month. Due to popular demand from users, WeWave is working on integrating crypto into its service. In the future, finding uptrend crypto coins will be as easy as drawing a line.

The goal of WeWave is to provide a brand new experience that allows traders to discover reversal momentum before the news media gets to it first (or before the crowds do).

WeWave is the product of a startup in San Francisco.

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