How to judge the coefficient of friction and degree of comminution of zirconia beads?

1. Reasons for breaking of zirconia beads

Zirconia beads

The popular glass marbles, zirconium silicate beads and pure zirconium beads on the market, as far as the production process is concerned, most of them are electric fusion pipe fitting method and sintering method.Bead string in the warm air, strong cold air or lithium battery electrolyte forming, when a key performance parameters are not well controlled, there will be easy to break the bead situation.

In terms of zirconia bead itself, it is not only the product quality of the bead string, but also the compressive strength of the bead string of such raw materials can not be better than the sanding machine of a certain type and specification.

Flat beads, small tail beads, snowman beads, bubble beads, these kinds of beads contain stress areas, in the grinding is very easy to crush, so the selection of beads, grinding zirconia bead manufacturers suggest that we should try to reduce this kind of beads.

2. How to know all the normal friction coefficients and crushing of zirconia beads?

In general, over a period of time in the work of the zirconia bead reduction, round surface without water chestnut, this should be all normal beads friction coefficient, in turn, such as beads with water chestnut, block shaped beads when this should be caused by broken beads.

Another, the zirconia bead in the sander all normal work, to suffer about 1kg of working pressure, relative glass marble can bear about 6000 kg of force and zirconia silicate bead 9,000 kg, zirconia bead in the sander support is insignificant.

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