What are the Best Christmas Gifts for This Year?

The annual Christmas is coming soon, and it’s time to start preparing Christmas gifts now. Does anyone have a new idea about Christmas gifts?

Here is a good recommendation for the people- A 3D printer or a 3D printed model.

3D printing is an amazing technology that can be used to create car models, animation figures, architectural models, home decoration, and some applicable accessories, etc. So people could use it to create replicas of all those Christmas gifts they wish they got. No matter for creative people or children, a 3D printer will be a good choice.

Recently, a 3D printer has received a lot of attention with its advanced leveling function and simple&clean appearance.

Here below is a video of a training model printed with the Magician X 3D printer.

Magician X 3D printer is a new product launched by MINGDA in 2021. The main selling point is One-touch smart auto-leveling, which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, the newest leveling technology in the world. This feature can solve the leveling problem that 80% of novice customers worry about. And it is also popular for its 3 minutes fast assemble, powerful dual gear direct extruder, and TMC2209 driver ultra-quiet printing. So whether it is in the operating experience or the user experience, Magician X will definitely bring unprecedented simplicity and convenience, as well as a quiet and undisturbed feeling.

In addition to 230x230x260mm Magician X, MINGDA also released other two large models: 320x320x400mm Magician Max and 400x400x400mm Magician Pro. And now they are already available for purchase at the MINGDA Official Store.

Visit here: https://3dmingdaofficial.com/

MINGDA hopes everyone can enjoy the fun with MINGDA 3D printers.

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