New Quiet Dishware Helping Reduce Harmful & Irritating Noise

Quietware Is The Only Dishware Ever Created to Minimize Noise.

The brand-new idea and company, Quietware Dishes from Vancouver, Canada is aiming to be the first-ever dishware company to focus on minimizing harmful and irritating noises that come every day with using dishware, including bowls, plates, mugs & glasses. The product and idea is currently patent pending worldwide.

As they state on their Quietware Dishes Kickstarter Page 

“We have all experienced it at one time or another. The banging and clanging from stacking and clearing dishes is enough to give anyone a headache. The clattering and screeching between surfaces and utensils, at best, is just annoying. At worst, it’s downright debilitating. Dishware noise doesn’t discriminate and can affect people of all ages, ethnicities, genders and income levels.”

Not Just Irritating & Bad for Focus, Noisy Dishware Can Be Harmful On Hearing

In fact, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noise levels exceeding 80-85 decibels can be harmful to your health and, in some cases, cause permanent auditory damage

In an interview with one of the founders, David King said “the main goal of the company is to help many specific people in need who struggle every day with noise sensitivity related issues”.

This is why they came up with two dish set options from the very start that both come with removable silicone sound reducing bumpers as they’re called. The goal was to have something with maximum functionality anytime someone wants or needs to use, plus for any environment including restaurants, pubs, hotels, tiny homes & urban smaller living, and most of all any home in need of some focus and peace.

The first of two options focuses on helping reduce common stacking noises for the less noise sensitive people and environments. The second option is called a “eating mat” which also comes fully removable so that it can be placed on and off any bowl or plate.

The Main People & Communities Quietware Is Looking To Help

The very specific people they focused on helping first include, anyone who lives with symptoms and issues related from noise sensitivity, concussions, PTSD, autism, chronic headaches, ADHD, hyperacusis, Tourette syndrome, light sleepers, and more.

Reaching the ideal people, communities and groups they want to help most is also one of their biggest challenges so far, said David, as almost all are very hard to share information with unfortunately, but is also a challenge they’re willing to try and overcome.

They just shared their first public product and solution with a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $40,000 by December 20th, 2021. The proceeds would go towards creating moulds for manufacturing and 3rd party noise level testing of current industry dishware vs Quietware dishes.

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