Zabu Finance Launches First Decentralized Launchpad on Avalanche

The Avalanche blockchain has been gaining popularity in recent weeks due to its emphasis on efficiency, high transaction times, and low fees. Zabu Finance aims to utilize the full power of Avalanche to provide AVAX investors with optimally profitable DeFi solutions, including the recent introduction of their decentralized IDO Launchpad – the first on the Avalanche Network.

What Is Zabu Finance?

Zabu Finance is a next generation, multi-functional DeFi platform built on the Avalanche network. Zabu Finance empowers users to fully maximize yield through a powerful ecosystem combining various revenue generating mechanisms, such as yield aggregation, yield farming, staking, and fundraising – all provided in an accessible, easy-to-use and fun way.

One of the main goals of Zabu Finance is being the first fully decentralized yield farm and launchpad on the AVAX blockchain. Zabu’s IDO Launchpad aims to allow users to create a fair chance for developers to try out their ideas and get creative with building new projects.

Zabu Finance is powered by ZUBAX – a powerful, multi-functional utility token, which mainly serves as the governance token of the project and empowers the users of the platform to vote on all important matters regarding the future development of Zabu Finance. Another use case of ZUBAX is enabling the token holders to share the profits of the Zabu Ecosystem through the protocol fees distribution mechanisms.

The Zabu Finance Ecosystem

Zabu Farms

Zabu Farms enable users to earn ZUBAX tokens by staking their Pangolin Liquidity Provider (Pangolin LP) and Trader Joe Liquidity Provider (JOE LP) tokens.

Zabu Pools

Zabu Pools are exclusive Staking Pools which offer farmers the ability to earn special tokens by staking ZUBAX tokens. Zabu Pools are fully flexible and allow the users to start or stop staking at any time. Deposit and withdrawal fees are specific to each pool.

Zabu AutoFarm

The Zabu AutoFarm benefits from the competitive fees of the Avalanche network, which means that a higher portion of the rewards is re-invested when compared to other platforms. Since fees are the lowest, the APY of Zabu AutoFarm is among the highest of all Avalanche vaults.

Zabu IDO Launchpad

Zabu IDO Launchpad is the first fully decentralized IDO platform built on the Avalanche Network. Zabu IDO Launchpad empowers the developers of DeFi projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity in a democratic, inclusive, decentralized and profitable approach.


The ZUBAX token will soon be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Currently, the Zabu Finance team is working on a collaboration with Good Bridging for an airdrop which will happen within the next 2-3 weeks.

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