Meng Xue, a kind herder, supports Ejina in fighting COVID-19 epidemic. Thumbs-up for her

The COVID-19 epidemic in Ejina Qi, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, has touched people’s hearts. While doing a good job in its own prevention and control, Alxa Youqi people did not forget to support their sister counties with practical actions. Meng Xue, a local herder, provided chicken and cash for frontline workers fighting the epidemic. On October 27th, the chicken has been loaded into the government’s material truck and sent to Ejina Qi. Let’s praise her warm heart! 

20 slaughtered free-range chickens were frozen and packed by Meng Xue. In order to reduce the flow of people, Meng Xue and her family members are doing it by themselves and have been busy for two whole days. She also donated 1,000 yuan in cash through the Red Cross Society to improve food for the frontline staff in Ejina Qi. Meng Xue also plans to donate the pork she keeps for her family. Meng Xue said: “I saw that the police and medical staff of Alxa Youqi also went to support Ejina Qi. As a probationary party member, although I can’t go to the front line of prevention and control with them, I want to contribute my own strength, which is also a token of our wish from Alxa Youqi people. Ejina, come on!”

Two years ago, after graduating from college, Meng Xue returned to her hometown to develop characteristic breeding. Last year, her family invested more than 600,000 yuan to build a breeding cooperative, and the chickens and pigs she farmed entered the market this year. For free-range native chickens and Suoyang pigs, one chicken can be sold in 180 yuan, and a kilo of Suoyang pork can be sold in 35 to 45 yuan, which is very popular among consumers. Considering that there is not much cash in her family recently, Meng Xue used the high-quality chicken and pork in the farm to increase the nutrition of the diet for the frontline staff fighting the epidemic in Ejina Qi.

Meng Xue once donated clothes for children in poverty-stricken areas, and she also donated books for the bookstore in the village. She also volunteered to help when there were activities in the village, and she has always been an enthusiastic little sister. She said firmly: “We are in the same boat and fight against the epidemic together, and we are sure to win!”

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