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Customers went out for a trip during the weekend. When took a break, they were playing music with an audio lamp, and the brand was ALS, it was very much interesting, but they didn’t know about this brand before. After the trip, they searched information about ALS, and found that it was well worth the price, and they regret only knowing about it now.

ALS is with strong technical team and scientific research level. AEC has been innovating in the field of mobile lighting for more than 20 years, and has garnered various professional certifications and awards. But what attracts the most is that the products have very fashionable and nicely textured appearance and a novel and humanized design concept. Combining music and light, this cross-platform concept is really special, and it is simply the gospel and necessity of outdoor fans.


During the trip, lightness and simplicity are absolute must, but customers can hardly find such a product which can provide enough light in dark environments, and at the same time, it also be used as an audio player with excellent sound quality to create an uplifting mood, so that customers’ trip won’t get boringand their fatigue gets swept away. Bluetooth link, very convenient, with just 5 seconds, customers can enjoy good music.


During the course of camping, hiking and exploring, customers often need to stop and take a rest because they can get fatigued. Customers might as well take this opportunity tool to let music join in to adjust tired mood, and bring energy to jumpstart again. One button for light,one button for music.,is there any operation simpler than this?


Outdoor trips will often have dusty, rainy or damp environments. Audio series are equipped with professional-grade dustproof and waterproof construction, so that customers don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions not would need to worry about their audio lamp, which is really reassuring.


ALS even provides with a power bank function, which can charge electronic equipment anytime and anywhere, and providing a three-in-one combination of lighting, sound and power bank. This means that customers only need to bring an ALS audio lamp in their bag, so that they can get a satisfying brightness from the light, excellent sound from the audio and the power bank that gives a whole lot of reassurance. Why not?


There are some interesting consumer comments and feedbacks on social media, and the reputation of ALS is very good, after all, the products that consumers like are good products, and have finally bought an audio lamp, and customers are also very much looking forward to more excellent masterpieces from ALS.

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