The Brief Introduction Of EV Charging System Solution

V2G Charging Solution

V2G charger realize the power supply balance and ultimate between the Grid power and EV battery power with using the EV battery as the Energy storage battery by the local or remote Energy Management System,also with the flexible PV energy access,have great application value in the Grid peak valley electricity using,Grid capacity supplement,User side Energy storage and EV battery SOH detection. It can be the core node to access the smart grid or micro grid, and can be the important supplement in the user side energy storage system.

Energy Storage Charging Solution

The energy storage charging system using the Lithium battery groups to do the energy storage, through the local and cloud EMS balance and ultimate the power supply and power usage between the Grid,battery,EV charging and new energy input. Getting the value in grid peak load shaving, grid capacity expansion and new energy resources. And can be the smart grid core access point with the V2G / V2X / B2G functions in this solution.



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