Six Trends In The Development Of Warehousing Equipment Industry

The development of modern logistics warehousing equipment industry has six main directions: comprehensive inventory integration, promote the supply chain process reengineering; Depth integration of storage resources to support the development of e-commerce; The establishment of intelligent warehousing, gradually complete the warehousing Internet; Interconnection of information platforms to help establish a common urban distribution system; To explore the value of inventory and guarantee the further standard of cargo management; Innovative application of green technology to promote the continuous transformation and upgrading of the warehousing industry.

First, comprehensive inventory integration to promote supply chain process reengineering

In the future, the supply chain process will be optimized from time to time to integrate the inventory of consumption, wholesale, wholesale and storage, reduce the commodity inventory of the whole society, jointly plan the warehouse planning, complete the centralized storage and joint distribution, so as to improve the warehouse application rate, speed up the circulation of goods, reduce the logistics cost, and improve the efficiency of economic operation.

2. Depth integration of warehouse resources to support e-commerce development

With the economic development entering the new normal, the deep integration of storage resources, online and offline sharing of storage resources, and sharing of commodity inventory will be the new trend of the industry development. All kinds of commercial circulation enterprises take improving the response speed and strengthening the consumer experience as the center, integrate the enterprise warehousing resources, adjust the distribution center planning, optimize the inventory structure, innovate the goods location management mode and business process, cooperate with the organization of commodity distribution, constitute the warehouse distribution integration network system; Warehousing and logistics enterprises focus on meeting the needs of online and offline logistics, integrate social storage resources, improve the storage and distribution network, innovate the storage operation mode, and support the development of e-commerce.

Third, the establishment of intelligent warehousing gradually complete the Internet warehousing

After the improvement of the warehouse management information system, the implementation of automatic storage and sorting equipment, the improvement of the Internet of Things and mobile Internet technology, the intelligent storage management will be gradually completed;Based on cloud computing and big data, build a central database of storage Internet platform, share storage resources and commodity inventory information, implement “cloud warehousing” management on warehouse outlets, gradually complete online trading, online scheduling, real-time tracking and monitoring of storage resources, and improve the warehousing management level of the whole society.

IV. Interconnection of information platforms helps establish a common urban distribution system

Since the Ministry of Commerce launched the pilot project of urban joint distribution, large and medium-sized cities across the country have organized joint distribution at different levels, and some cities have set up public information platforms for urban distribution. The interconnection of information platforms will become an endogenous demand for urban distribution.Through the completion of interconnection between platforms, centralized storage of resource supply and demand information, reasonable dispatch of distribution vehicles, and the completion of resource sharing within and between cities, the urban common distribution system is optimized from time to time.

V. Explore the inventory value to guarantee the management of further standards

With the national standard “guarantee tube goods third-party management standard” for the implementation of the implementation, “the national guarantee tube goods management public information platform” to push through the application of industry organization enhance self-discipline, warehousing enterprises inventory management can be improved further, inventory value of energetic, guarantee tube goods management industry in China will be out of the current downturn, standardization direction.

VI. Innovate and apply green technology to promote the continuous transformation and promotion of the warehousing industry

Green storage and distribution technology carried out in the future will focus on coiling warehouse rooftop photovoltaics, lighting system, cold storage and energy saving technology, new energy automobile, electric business logistics green packaging innovation and application of stop will also Shared with the urban joint distribution, tray cycle phase separation, trade logistics standardization work, lead ware-housing transformation promotion.

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