Brihaxik Unveils New Universal Car Door Step for All Vehicles.

“Brihaxik offers a new product in their automotive parts collection. The new product is the universal car doorsteps that are suitable with various types of cars and trucks.”

Brihaxik launches the new product for adding a new function to the car and other vehicles. This new product is the car door step. As it’s said in this product name, this product is one of the universal type products, which means it is suitable for various vehicle door designs. As one of the top brands in this product category, this new product also proves the reason why this brand is popular among many car owners. This new car doorstep also becomes another addition to their huge collection of automotive parts.

The new car doorstep from Brihaxik is made of durable and lightweight aluminum. Once it is installed in the car, it can support up to 400 lbs of weight. It also has a U-shaped latch step with a textured surface to prevent slip.

The shape is fitted with a foot shape. Moreover, the pointy shape on the end of this step is also useful to break the door and car glass, in case of urgency. It is easy to remove to use as a hammer for emergency needs, as well as for cleaning purposes. Brihaxik offers this product at affordable prices, which is $19.99 at Amazon. It is also available with a specially designed bag for carrying it around. Plus, the easy-to-fold design allows it to be kept in a small and limited space.

According to a representative of Brihaxik, “We always see that multi-functional products always become people’s favorite in the modern era. Moreover, they also are more aware of the quality of the product. Therefore, we provide this car doorstep with that in our mind. It is very durable, has multiple functionalities, and, more importantly, is affordable. So, we hope this product will give our customer the most satisfying experience with it.” For more information about this product and other collections from Brihaxik, please use the contact address below.

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Brihaxik is one of the top brands in the home and vehicle product category. They have a good record in this field. Many customers trust their quality product, and until today, they have not disappointed their customers. With various products in their collection, everyone will find what they need from them.

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