uMore revealed its inaugural impact report, with a resounding 84% positive feedback response

uMore, MIAMI-based mental health start-up dedicated to enabling individuals to self-manage their mental health released its inaugural Impact Report, highlighting the mobile app’s self-care activities released with the new application.

The 2021 report, titled “Fostering understanding with self-care,” is available for download from In addition to sharing highlights on how the uMore self-care activities work, this first edition also contains case studies of two landmark activities — the first on “How to identify your stress signs” and the second on “Challenging negative thoughts.”

Maria de Freitas, CEO and Co-Founder at uMore said, “By sharing our learnings through this report and its future editions, our goal is to encourage transparency and dialogue within the digital health community. This impact report represents our first step, and we hope to grow together with our users to help shape better access to mental health care for everyone.”

With a resounding 84% positive response, initial user feedback revealed that the activities proved helpful towards users identifying stress and better understanding how they feel. This early user data also suggests that users who engage more frequently with activities are less prone to exhibit high stress levels. 

All self-care activities on the uMore app are based on scientific evidence and look to foster health-promoting abilities. “We wish to facilitate how people learn about themselves. Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to look at how we can enable this through an engaging digital tool. As of now, we are working on an interactive library of over 100 self-care exercises”, said Alejandro Serrano Saunders, Chief Scientific Officer, and Co-Founder at uMore. 

The activity “How To Identify Your Stress Signs” most helped uMore users to self-monitor their feelings and better understand themselves. Users found it most helpful to self-monitor what they felt. “It assisted in identifying exactly what I feel.” said one anonymous user, 85% of global respondents who participated in the activity reported it to be helpful.

The report further reveals that users who had completed at least one self-care activity in the last week showed proportionally lower rates of high stress than users with high stress who did not complete any activities when they took their well-being surveys on the app.

New activities will be continuously released on the uMore app with regular feedback reports from uMore users that will help shape the design and content of upcoming self-care activities. 

“I’m honored to be a part of a team with a fundamental mission of helping people thrive in their daily lives.” Maria de Freitas said. “We’re building an app that has the potential to change the way people live for the better, and what we see is that our self-help library shows early signs of being a great way to help people to learn how to look after themselves,” added Alejandro Serrano Saunders.


uMore is committed to continuously releasing findings to help raise the bar across the industry and give people control in their lives by overcoming obstacles and creating new possibilities. The report can be viewed and downloaded at

uMore is a mental health tracking app that uses evidence-based psychometric questionnaires to measure users’ mental well-being. By combining vital data and biomarkers, the app helps users screen, track and treat their mental well-being. The app also provides users with self-help evidence-based activities available to help them learn more about mental health self-care. 

uMore has won various awards, including first place at the TechStars Startup Weekend UK COVID 19 Edition, TikToks’ PitchUpInTheSky, and the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup 2021 Competition.

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The 2021 impact “Fostering understanding with self-care” is available for download from

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