Emporia Group announces APAC Partnership with leading prime brokerage Axion Trade

Emporia Group announces APAC Partnership with leading prime brokerage Axion Trade

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Emporia Group, a leading trading education institution in Singapore, seeks to provide trading education and content easily accessible to everyone. This is why it recently announced a partnership with Axion Trade, one of the top prime brokerages in the United States and the United Kingdom, aiming to nurture future traders in the APAC region to the next level.

To become a professional trader, one must first understand the markets, hone their trading techniques, risk management, and technical analysis. For all levels of traders, Emporia Group imparts the required knowledge to take trading to the next level.

With the partnership between Emporia Group and Axion Trade, students and clients can experience all the benefits of trading with a leading brokerage. Emporia Group’s trading program puts traders on the right track to start their trading journey. Through the partnership with Axion Trade, they will get all the resources they need to succeed, with qualified traders being funded by top-tier hedge fund partners of Axion Trade, exclusive to students of Emporia Group.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Axion Trade to provide exciting opportunities for independent retail traders by offering funding from top-tier hedge fund partners of Axion Trade. This will assimilate with our trading education programs offered in Emporia to provide students a career path in trading that they can work towards after they have shown consistency in their trading system after they have completed our programs,” said Brandon Ang, Founder of Emporia Group.

“We’ve made great strides in serving both retail and institutional clients in the APAC region. We see education as a cornerstone to build the foundation to sustain the ecosystem of trading in Asia. It is great to be working closely with a fast-growing trading institution such as Emporia Group,” said Amos Tsai Wang, Managing Director of Axion Trade.

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