New-age DeFi platform VAULTDEFI ushers in new dawn in crypto and DeFi space with women leaders along with top notch security

VAULTDEFI is redefining the DeFi space by creating a diverse cutting-edge token ecosystem, and is utilizing the world’s largest crypto and blockchain security firm to assure the safety of your investments.

San Angelo, Texas – October 29, 2021 – Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) have long been male-dominated, but a new woman-led next-generation DeFi platform, VAULTDEFI, is breaking that barrier with an innovative new product that features fascinating rewards. VAULTDEFI is driven by the mission to introduce this vision, it provides investors a way to diversify their portfolio and earn compounding interest.

Contrary to most crypto platforms that are largely led by male CEOs, VAULTDEFI is led by a female CEO, Jennifer Vardon, one of the most reputable names in the Financial Technology (Fintech) world.  Jennifer is a University of Toronto graduate with Dean’s List and Honors who works for the Canadian Federal Government as a leading blockchain researcher and analyst, specializing in small and medium enterprise procurement integrations. She is a distinguished member of the Canadian Women’s Business Association (CWBA), and holds a coveted MENSA fellowship. Jennifer currently teaches condensed specialty “boot camps” at the University of Toronto Fintech. 

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Jennifer revealed in an interview that she has spent years learning Fintech at the top Canadian and Global institutions, which has helped her with current transition into the cryptocurrency and digital asset management world. “Joining the VAULTDEFI team as the Chief Executive Officer has been an easy adaptation of my skills, merging my love of Fintech, ISO 20022, and decentralized finance. I have waited my whole career for a project like this, where I would be able to work with a visionary smart contract theorist who is driven by security, innovation, and bridging the world of decentralized finance with mature diversified portfolio development.  At VAULTDEFI, we are committed to raising the bar and allowing small investors to prosper.”

VAULTDEFI’s Executive of Global Investor Relations, Lisha Ewing, is another prominent Fintech expert who is also a successful female leader in the male-dominated Fintech industry. Lisha is a graduate of Health and Sciences and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with Dean’s List and Honors.

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Lisha formerly served as Assistant Branch Manager of a large national bank in Texas and is an expert in Institutional Finance. Lisha also specialized in loan evaluations along with commercial and personal lending. The Fintech expert is a member of various globally recognized organizations, most notably a member of FCU. She also is a member in numerous organizations of women entrepreneurs, including but not limited to the National Association of Women Business Owners, the National Association for Female Executives, and numerous fellowship groups. Her accomplishments include owning and managing numerous successful startup and e-commerce companies.

VAULTDEFI is driven by the mission to reimagine the possibilities of decentralized finance through a “diverse” token ecosystem where every transaction that takes place in the ecosystem benefits the entire system. Each transaction benefits volume, price, and burn of all the tokens. VAULTDEFI offers unique incentives to investors, including a high interest stable token, one with double compounding dividends, and its newest hyper deflation token. This new smart contract is the ONLY one of its kind in the market that allows the investors to pick their daily dividends from approved XSURGE commodities.

VAULT prioritized security for the company’s visionary’s smart contracts. Due to the prevalence of scams, rug-pulls, and exploits in the DeFi Space, investors are wary. VAULT undertakes security assessments on all tokens, technology, mechanics, and the theory for long term success. VAULT is honored to be the first multi-token contract in CERTIK’s system, and their special relationship, CERTIK Analytic Engine Powered by Vault, as all new commodities will have to pass this degree of security in order to be VAULTed by their technology. Utilizing  the enhanced service of SKYNET as an added element of safety for international investors as the Oracles will track and trace all elements of the organization and tokens 24/7/365.

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