Next-gen business consulting firm Strategic Advisor Board helping businesses to scale up with unique Rapid Revenue Growth Strategy

Strategic Advisor Board is spearheaded by a mighty team of 10 seasoned CEOs who have come together to help struggling businesses thrive and scale up through an innovative and tested result-driven strategy.

Boulder, Colorado – October 29, 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health scene but has also left the commerce sector in shambles. Businesses, especially small and mid-range businesses, have a Herculean task before them to adapt and thrive in the new economy in the Post Pandemic era. In that light, 10 successful CEOs have banded together to help small businesses sustain the changing economy and scale up their business with a proliferating growth. Together, they have launched a next-gen business consulting firm, Strategic Advisor Board, that deploys a unique and proven Rapid Revenue Growth Strategy that empower businesses to succeed faster. 

Strategic Advisor Board comprises 10 Directors +60 Strategic Partners. The company caters to all businesses with a yearly revenue of at least $500K per year. 

In an exclusive interview, Jason Miller, founder and CEO of Strategic Advisor Board, shared that one of the major factors that keeps them ahead of traditional consulting firms is their exclusive “Result-driven” strategy that has proven to generate real tangible results.  

“The current pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the commerce sector. Businesses are in dire need of help to pivot their businesses to a changing economy, markets, and customers in the Post Pandemic era. At Strategic Advisor Board, we are passionate about helping businesses to bounce back and scale up with our cutting-edge ‘result-driven’ strategy. We will empower you to transform your business, optimize your workflow, prepare your firm to scale and grow, and eventually enhance your bottom line”, stated Mr.  Miller.

Unlike most of the traditional consulting firms that might charge an arm for an uncertain return, Strategic Advisor Board doesn’t charge a bunch of fees upfront and works with the client-business for 2 years. The company only charges when the client-business starts to see revenue growth and not before that.

Strategic Advisor Board has come up with a vast range of strategic business mentorship options to cater to businesses with varied range of needs. The company proceeds with each project with a thorough consultation with the business owner to identify the pain points, strength, and areas of improvement for the business. Based on that, the Strategic Advisor Board devises a tailored mentorship campaign, backed by proven methods and systems that are intelligently designed to help a business to thrive regardless of its current position in the business lifecycle. From startups to companies with 25+ years of maturity, Mr. Miller and his team of other 9 CEOs work with businesses of all sizes.

Speaking on, Mr. Miller stressed on the fact that they help businesses to build a solid foundation for their brand, push through stagnated growth inefficiency and attain a strong business ecosystem, characterized by seamless workflow and rising ROI.  

“Our number one priority is you! We make money when you make “More” money in your business. The SAB team will work with you to develop new strategies that “Increase” your monthly top line revenue. We only win, if you win!” 

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