Professional Makeup Artist Jen Cayle Gaum Empowers Women With a New Makeup Movement

Jen leads a revolutionary movement that uses “makeup as a tool” to inspire life-changing confidence and empower women to recognize their unique, authentic beauty.

Makeup is often seen as a way for women to cover their flaws. But Jen Cayle Gaum, founder of Sam & Maddy Makeup and creator of the trademarked Flushed Yoga Glow™️, says otherwise. Through her proprietary techniques, Jen leads a new movement centered on using makeup to accentuate women’s best traits and reveal their natural beauty. This empowers them to step into the world looking like themselves but with more confidence to conquer their day.

“I know the powerful impact authentic makeup has on women. That’s why I use makeup as a tool for fueling life-changing confidence,” says Jen. “It will level up how you look, feel, and show up in the world because you deserve it.”

Jen says many women do not recognize their natural beauty because they’re often too self-critical or too focused on their “flaws.” Using her rare talent to identify and draw women’s unique and authentic beauty, Jen helps shift their perspective to focus on the features they love. She uses makeup as a transformational tool that ignites confidence and self-love. For her, it’s not just about using makeup to look good. It’s also about uplifting her clients and illuminating both their inner and outer glow.

“I began my career in the beauty industry as a part-time makeup artist while attending university in Toronto. I loved watching my clients light up from the inside – as a makeup artist and advocate for women, I knew then this was my purpose in life.”

Jen’s trademark makeup technique focuses on brightening, texturizing, and enhancing rather than fixing, masking, or hiding. This results in a Flushed Yoga Glow™️ – a look that mimics a radiant post-workout shine when one is at their healthiest. It’s a glow that highlights women’s best traits when they look and feel their best.

Currently, Jen offers several services designed to help women tap into the best version of themselves.

One of her most recent offerings is introducing Makeup in the Workplace as the newest path to wellness and self-care. Jen knows that authentic makeup in the workplace is the next step in creating happier, more confident employees who are better prepared to conquer their day. She teaches women her makeup method of using “makeup as a tool” to empower, inspire confidence, and build esteem, helping her clients feel like the wonder women they already are.

Jen is available for authentic makeup applications for individuals or groups for speaking engagements, interviews, public appearances, headshots, and social media. She also works with clients to create customized workshops, team-building events, speaking engagements, and more.

Aside from this, Jen offers a variety of professional makeup services, including makeup applications, makeup edits, and makeup lessons. Clients can work one on one with Jen and learn her trademarked techniques. Clients can also purchase one service or build their own custom makeup package to suit their specific needs.

Jen hosts educational workshops encouraging women to embrace and accentuate their best features, changing how they look at wearing makeup.

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