New Kickstarter campaign brings relaxing screen-free bedtime experience for kids with revolutionary interactive mini-projector

Buble is the world’s very first and only interactive mini-projector which has been strategically designed to kill screen-time addiction in kids without hampering audio-visual experience for them.

Rising screen time exposes kids to extremely harmful Blue Light Rays that affect their eyes, sleep, and also mental health. However, the perfect solution has been created- France-based tech company Dreemzzbox has recently launched a revolutionary interactive screen-free projector on Kickstarter that assures a fun storytime experience for kids without the unwanted presence of Blue Light Rays. Titled Buble, the projector comes with educational and engaging story-telling figurines that tell a variety of stories through audio-visual animation.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Buble is the world’s very first and only interactive mini-projector that has been uniquely designed to keep children away from menacing Blue Light Rays. The projector works in tandem with the Buble app.

“Screen addiction is fast becoming a major problem among kids today and more so in the pandemic era when kids had to stay indoors with no scope of playtime outdoors. TV, laptop/computer or mobile screens emit extremely harmful Blue Light Rays, which when exposed to for long, has shown to create hormonal issues, sleep disturbances, eye problems, insomnia, and even anxiety and depression issues in kids. Now, kids love the audio-visual effect. So, if you try to replace screens with an audio story teller, things are not going to work. This is where our revolutionary Buble comes to the rescue”, stated the leading spokesperson from Dreemzzbox.

“Backed by cutting-edge Blue Light-free DLP projector technology that comes with Proximity Sensors to protect the eyes, Buble also features Vertical Image Projection for a relaxing showtime. It brings the desired audio-visual experience of storytelling without the dangers of screen Blue Light Rays.  Inspired  by The Planetarium and Dome Theater, the projector projects the animations up on the ceiling so that little ones can enjoy the shows lying down in their bed-time posture that will eventually help them to sleep well.”

Buble comes along with Bublers, the cute figurine storytellers. Each Bubler portrays a different character and carries different stories inside them which are projected through Buble. They come with their individual NFC Smart Chip that helps them to project stories through amazing animations. The stories cover various topics, ranging from history, innovation, adventures, and more. The Bublers can also double up as cute toys for children when they are not on the projector.

Buble also comes with a cute mascot, Bubly, that sits on top of the projector and guides users about the features and functions of the device.

“Buble is just ‘the’ thing all parents have been waiting for. On one hand, it allows little ones to enjoy their stories and animations yet on another, it protects them from the screen-time addiction and Blue Light Rays. However, such an innovative development demands robust financial support and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Buble to life and make storytime safer for kids.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Buble units. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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