The struggle in making a decision: Figure out what is the best option under given circumstances

Growth Mindset requires everyday development. Saleh AlBogaili is here shaping public opinion through conversation in Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait – Is it naive to expect good directions from someone who has never made the journey? But is it possible for someone to be able to take all the journeys? The answer is no. Then what makes a person a good advisor? How does one person figure out whom to go to when life is in the middle of the road with no GPS working and no Google Maps for rescue? The answer seems simple but is complex. One definitely needs expert advice in the matter but not everyone has it in them. The ability to change the public opinion may take years but for Saleh AlBogaili it feels more like walking in the park.

AlBogaili is member of the American marketing associate and member of the Kuwait Economic Association. However, he started as a salesman at an insurance company, he thought that is how life was, grow up, get education and start a job. But little did he know that life had different plans for him. He just like anyone else graduated from Kuwait University, with a degree in marketing, he was anticipating a life at a multinational company, drawing oit strategic marketing plans for them that would increase sales but that didn’t happen. AlBogaili joined a government job in 2009, he left in 2014 and that also proved to be a turning point of his life. His five years of journey brought him major breakthroughs and he discovered his ability of being likeable. Government officers would enjoy their time with him and listen to him attentively. It was then when he realized he is a great listener and has an ability to convince people into what is best for them.

A certified Business Professional from the USA found his dedication in listening to people who are on a look for advice. To anyone reading this who might be in the middle of making a decision, this might be a chance to figure out which way to go. He has in him what it takes to change public opinions, he does it indirectly, does it immaculately.

AlBogaili has his business set in marketing and PR but this is where his heart is. He describes himself as: ‘I am not a rich person, nor am I famous. I don’t invade anyone’s personal life to guide them better, I prefer anonymity as it brings the real essence to my job.’ He recalls his meeting with the former Ambassador of the United States USA, Lawrence R. Silvermanas who visited him at home, the most memorable one. He also credits that meeting as the flagbearer of what he does today.

To the lost ones, to the ones who may need an empathetic listener or to those who want to entirely rebuild their personality, looking for the push that destiny provides to the instincts, this may be the answer. This may be the pull to life’s purpose. This may be the option life was waiting to try out. Make no more bad decisions, be no more confused in making decisions and be convinced to change public opinions. 

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