HDSS Sound LLC Launches Their Store That Sells Audio Speakers Using HDSS Technology

HDSS Sound LLC has launched its store and sells small high-quality earphones and audio monitors that are helpful for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

The United States – TBI Audio Systems, which also owns HDSS Technology, launched their company HDSS SOUND. HDSS Sound sells earphones and small audio devices that incorporate HDSS Technology. HDSS is a significant sound technology that conveys undistorted sound to the eardrum. It was constructed using the laws of physics. HDSS was invented to reproduce high-quality sound and is beneficial for people with hearing loss and tinnitus. 

HDSS differs from all other traditional sound technologies because of its patented ability to prevent heat build-up in the enclosure (speaker cabinet). This is achieved by creating a dynamic volume area where heat is removed and pressure remains constant within the enclosure, allowing sound frequency waves to evolve without distortion. It becomes easy for the brain to interpret the signals from the eardrum easily because the sound reaches the eardrum in a pure state. All the speakers found in their stores are built using this approach. Sounds produced in a speaker are composed of different frequencies. Each frequency has its own wavelength. They can vary from less than 1 Inch to more than 50 Feet. High-frequency waves have short wavelengths and low-frequency waves have long wavelengths. An HDSS device called the ETL Module, which can be of any shape or size is fitted inside the speaker enclosure. This module keeps the frequencies separated and removes them from the enclosure before they start ricocheting around in the enclosure. Distortion of sound is eliminated through this device and undistorted sound reaches the eardrum. With HDSS technology, one can experience the standard of High definition sound.

People with hearing loss usually suffer from the damage in their cilia receptors located within the cochlea. HDSS technology doesn’t improve their condition but it does make their brains work less hard by producing sounds the brain can more easily comprehend. Patients with tinnitus suffer from a situation in which their brains hear sounds that do not come from the eardrum. Sound masking is a method to treat these tinnitus sensations.  Sound masking distracts the imagined sound with real sound. HDSS products cause white sounds and natural sounds that are used for sound masking to arrive at the eardrum in an undistorted state. They have launched a Tinnitus masking speaker called the Majestic Diamond. The Majestic Diamond (MD1-PM) is a superior performing white noise and natural sound generator. Customers can also find HDSS earphones, with their unique set of features, on the HDSS Sound store, which has just launched. 

HDSS technology is licensed for use in the audio products of over a dozen of companies. HDSS will soon become a demand, if not a necessity, for any customer who is in the market for smartphones, earphones, speakers, personal computers, laptops, loudspeakers, and audio other devices. HDSS Sound provides their customers with the best HDSS technology that produces sounds as intended. Their products are refundable within 120 days in case the product did not perform up to the customer’s expectations. 

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