Rehabilitation Center Carves Out New Therapy Approach

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre has carved out a new therapy approach. It is a holistic approach to helping addicts out of their addiction. At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre it is understood that not every method works for everyone. This is not dependent on how effective that approach is, it might not work. Because everyone has a method that works for them in getting out of their addiction. Even if two people have the same addiction, they did not get into that addiction for the same reason. And as such, the same method might not necessarily work for them.

When most people try to get rehabilitation is when their addiction has gotten to its worst stage so they tend to hop in for any method of therapy available. They get just any type of treatment provided it will lessen the hold of the addiction on their lives. But usually, they respond slowly and or do not respond at all. This leaves them feeling dejected and they go right back to the addiction. At 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre, they find better ways to stop this from happening.

Bosses at know that no two people are the same, and neither are the happenings around them, including whatever situation led them to their addiction. And they know the best way is to get therapy that is based on their personal data and experiences. So when a person steps in for rehabilitation, at, what is seen is just beyond someone that can’t help a habit anymore but a person that has been through an experience and that hit so much it had to develop a habit in such a person. So the therapy isn’t just focused on helping the person stop the habit but the therapy deals with that experience and changes the interpretation of it, or helps channel the energy into something more productive and controllable

Not only does the rehabilitation program not focus on just the habit, but it also isn’t done in a pedestrian way. At there are several creative ways the treatment is done. First, there is the individual counselling that will be in the form of psychotherapy; cognitive behavioural therapy; dialectical behaviour therapy. Then there is also group counselling which could be group therapy with fellow residents of our inpatient facility; family therapy with close friends and family members. It could also be in the physical health form which would be medical detox to ensure safe withdrawal; nutrition coaching and healthy meals; physical fitness coaching and workout schedules. The treatment could also be directly in the mind like yoga; meditation; mindfulness coaching. Also in the form of life skills like skills training; team-building exercises; life coaching. And finally, there are creative therapies like art therapy; music therapy.

About 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab & Treatment Centre is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Based in the Thousand Island area in Ontario, Canada. They also have locations in Alberta, Ottawa, Boston, Kingston, New York, Toronto, and British Columbia. They help with recovery and offer family therapy as well. Their addiction recovery covers the full lifecycle of addiction recovery. Their trained nurses treat their patient’s addiction, mind, soul, and spirit and prepare them for life outside the facility.

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