The Wormley Agreement: Ghosts of Confederate Soldiers – New novel documents secret government meetings that took place prior to Jim Crow

Bestselling author, E.J. Wade, takes readers on a psychological thriller about the origin of Jim Crow.

While Americans are going back and forth about Critical Race Theory, we tend to forget that the Constitutional rights of Black Americans were ignored for 90 years after they became citizens, causing long forgotten massacres, such as the Colfax Massacre. In his newest and final book, best-selling author E.J. Wade leaves no stone unturned. “Most Americans don’t learn about this history because most Americans only learn about race at the back yard BBQ”, says E.J. Wade

A meeting took place, at the now demolished Wormley Hotel, a black owned business, that would play an important role in the birth of Jim Crow. When most people think about the old South, they think about these “toothless hillbillies” with no power, many of the military schools were located in the South, many of these men were larger than life”, says E.J. 

“I think the most chilling part of the book is during the Springfield, Illinois massacre in 1908, a man named Mr. Donnigan stayed behind to protect his wife, who just so happened to be white. The mob was already in his house, it was like the pirates in the credit card commercial were standing in his kitchen”, says E.J. Wade. “In America, we don’t take the confederacy seriously and that is a big mistake”. 

The Wormley Agreement: Ghosts of Confederate Soldiers became an instant bestseller on Amazon. The author thinks it is because he does not romanticize either major political party and makes no apologies. “I don’t spare anybody, I let the history tell me a story and then I simply write about that story. I believe most of the history in this book will be new to most readers”, says E.J. Wade.  

The author hopes for a rededication to the United States Constitution. “America is an idea, so America can never be bad. We just have a lot of racist people who live here, but this country does not only belong to them. We also have people like President John F. Kennedy, who put his life at risk to provide a real democracy. I think the most painful part of writing this book is I got to introduce good people, but I also had to write about the villains.”

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