CAMARGONOTAS: Geraldine Duque Launches Fashion Capsule Called “Signs of Life”

CAMARGONOTAS: Geraldine Duque Launches Fashion Capsule Called "Signs of Life"
By Carlos Camargo

SUCCESS: “Signs of Life” was born from the union of 2 women who were motivated to create a capsule collection. Geraldine Duque and Carly Tomei, came together to co-create this collection, focusing on the modern, authentic, natural woman. Their goal is to make each piece highlight femininity and to make women feel unique when wearing them. Geraldine Duque always wanted to be an entrepreneur in design. Now that dream is a reality. “Signs of life” from Athuah by Geraldine Duque is aimed at women, who, within their simplicity, can feel beautiful, different and elegant, without ceasing to go unnoticed. As a result, Geraldine and Carly have decided to join forces to create this collaboration of many to come. The first capsule will be released on November 12.

SUCCESS: The superstar singer Liz, is fully working in the studio on her new record production. It comes totally renewed and with new fusions. She is recording in Venezuela with musicians of the new generation. She is continually innovating and adapting to modern times, despite the fact that she has already had a 30-year long career full of success. Liz hasn’t stopped performing on stage and she was recently in Panama, sharing the stage with Jorge Celedón, Eddy Herrera and other Latin artists. She also recently participated in the Telethon, which was a huge success

LAUNCH: Vivian Sleiman is over the moon with the success of her debut novel “Tuscan Poppy”. Having already written 3 Best Sellers, this is Vivian’s 4th book, where she debuts as a novelist. Her previous works “Virgin at 30”, “The Power of the Spirit” and “Virgin at 30 II” moved people all over the world and brought an overwhelming, international success for Vivian. Now “Tuscan Poppy” is proving to be another great success – a book that you will not stop reading from start to finish. It is available worldwide through Amazon Kindle in digital and paperback versions.

MUSIC: Cristhian Camilo Suescun Santiago, artistically known as SUES, has just released his latest single “Fiera”. A song which he both wrote and composed himself and whose inspiration was born in Colombia and finally produced in Barcelona, Spain. “We wanted ‘Fiera’ to represent the force, the power and especially the magic of the fire element, which appears when we are attuned to that one harmonious vibration and when harmony exists between nature and humanity”, said the artist. “Fiera” is part of his full album called “My Sangha”, a Buddhist word meaning spiritual family. Sues wants to convey a message of family in his album, and with that, sing about familiar feelings that we can all identify with in songs such as “Mujer”, “Curacao”, “Si Supieras” and “Jurame.” His work is an eclectic mix of Latin urban beats with artistic spirituality. Sues is the world’s latest discovery of Colombian music who, little by little, is stealing people’s hearts with his charisma, beauty and musical talent.

SPORT: Neyder Lozano Ruiz is a man born for glory. He is a young Colombian athlete, who found his motivation to strive through the martial art Taekwondo and who has achieved success, fame and a way of living from that. The life of Neyder Lozano is an example for many young Latin Americans. His life is full of sacrifices, but also many achievements and continental fame. He has won the National Games in Colombia, was a champion in the South American Games and a champion in the Bolivian Games. He took 6th place in the Seoul Olympics and 2nd place in the US Open, and has achieved great success in competitions worldwide.

MUSIC: Alfonso José Guerra, little by little, has been standing out in the world of Latin music. At the age of 17, he was called to join one of the most important orchestras in the country, La Dimensión Latina “Los general de la salsa”, where he formally began an outstanding career as a singer and met artists such as Andy Montañez. He was also given the opportunity to be a backup singer for great musicians such as Tito Rojas, Tito Gómez, Roberto Lugo and to work for a year with the Venezuelan singer Liz. Thanks to his great talent, Alfonso has worked alongside Argenis Carruyo, El Pollo Brito, Ronald Borjas, Nelson Arrieta, Servando y Florentino, Ricardo Cepeda, Wladimir Lozano, among many others.

PROFESSIONAL: Julio César Medina is undoubtedly a man ready to take on challenges and reach outstanding achievements. From a young age he knew that technology was his future. As a doctor of science and technology management he spent time analyzing the informational needs of technology, in developing and testing software. He is a potential creator and researcher and a genius in these fields. He is a specialist in generating new products, that is, creating innovation that increases and enriches the management of knowledge and innovation in all types of organizations through technology.

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