Writers Block Production and Steven Walker Productions Team Up to Bring Paula Perry’s Hard Love to the Big Screen

The Riveting Fiction-Based Drama Romance Novel by Independent Author Paula Perry Will Hit the Big Screen

They say love is hard, but where is the limit? How hard is too hard? For Jeffrey Hill and Pamela House, ‘till death do us part’ hit a little bit too close to home as their whirlwind romance turned sour. Hard Love, a riveting fiction-based drama romance novel by renowned independent author Paula Perry has captivated readers across the nation for its adrenaline-pinching excitement, unparalleled scandal, and complex romance. Paula Perry, President, and CEO of Writers Block Production is proud to announce that a deal has been made with Steven Walker Productions to turn Hard Love into a movie.

Steven Walker Productions was established to develop theatrical motion pictures across a wide variety of genres, for domestic and international distribution, leveraging an elite team of creative professionals to bring creative stories and visions to life through film. Executive Producer Clay Walker has harnessed national recognition for projects such as Diamond in the Rough, Soul Custody, Tapestry Movie, The Peril, Across the Water, I Have Something to Tell You and many more. 

The booming interest surrounding Writers Block Production and Paula Perry’s Hard Love provided a strategic opportunity for two purpose-driven brands to align in a creative collaboration to bring the works of independent authors to the forefront of Hollywood, highlighting the revolutionary talent and unmatched stories. While it is not always a seamless experience to turn a novel into a film, Steven Walker Productions will work hand in hand with Paula Perry to ensure that every scene hits the mark. Committed to long-term results, Steven Walker Productions works relentlessly to ensure efficient production, operations, sales, and marketability.

The exclusive deal between Writers Block Production and Steven Walker Productions will shatter boundaries to usher in a new era of thoughtful innovation for modern authors and artists across the nation. The Writers Block Production Signature shoe collection deigned by Paula Perry, has been developed with the characters from her books in mind and will be featured in throughout the film. 

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and a shared commitment to embracing contemporary topics that are encouraging and supportive, Paula Perry’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as Steven Walker Production takes Hard Love to the big screen. 

To learn more about Paula Perry and Writers Block Production, please visit: https://writersblockproduction.com 

About Writers Block Production & Paula Perry

Paula Perry is an esteemed author and the President/CEO of Writers Block Production, LLC, an independent African American ePublishing and Digital company whose cultural diversity sets a new standard of excellence in the industry. Offering a comprehensive list of novels, Writers Block Production helps their clients with publishing assistance, app games, app and game development, musical trends, technical tools, connections to social media platforms, cartoon development, illustrations, animation, and much more. Paula Perry has personally authored various reputable works, including Inner Turmoil, Hard Love (Part One), Hard Love (Part Two), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part One), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part Two); The Self-Help Guide For The Enthusiastic Writer, and various children’s books and games.

Websites: https://writersblockproduction.com, http://www.swprod.world/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paula-perry-2844a7115/, https://www.linkedin.com/in/clay-s-walker-87baa130/ 



Writers Block Production Signature Shoe Collection Designed by Paula Perry

For more information or press inquiries, please contact Paula Perry at wblockpro@gmail.com or (901)218-8604 or Clay Walker at 888.643.6933 

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