New innovative anti-snoring device Snore Bandit making waves over Amazon

Snore Bandit is a FDA-cleared patented innovative anti-snoring device that has proven to stop snoring problems, assuring restful sleep every night.

Las Vegas, Nevada – November 09, 2021 – Forget those annoying snores and sleepless nights. An innovative anti-snoring device, Snore Bandit, is all set to put snoring issues to rest, ensuring peaceful sleep every night. Developed based on years of research and development, the USA Patented product   has received rave reviews and the stellar 5-star ratings on Amazon from its early batch of users. 

The product has received FDA clearance.

Snore Bandit has been invented by Las Vegas-based entrepreneur and inventor Garry Thynne who himself had been suffering from snore issues for decades. In an exclusive interview the inventor said –

“I have been suffering from sleeping issues for a long time due to my snoring problems. Not only those  used to hamper my sleep but that of my wife as well. I have tried almost every possible stop-snoring device in the market but nothing could provide me relief. I have tried two surgeries as well only to meet with futile results. Over time, I realized the existing stop-snoring market doesn’t have a fitting solution that can actually ‘remedy’ snoring issues. The crisis led me to develop and design my own innovative anti-snoring device which can actually provide relief from snoring. And thus, Snore Bandit was born.” 

The unique selling proposition of Snore Bandit lies in its strategic design. The product is uniquely designed to keep the airways open which facilitates easy breathing through the mouth and nose. The process reduces the vibration sound of snoring by up to 99 percent.

“What makes our product so effective is its unique design that you would find in no other anti-snoring device. Unlike regular stop-snoring devices, Snore Bandit mouthpiece is intelligently designed to move the lower jaw slightly forward and open (when worn) that automatically keeps the mouth and airways open to allow seamless breathing. Easy breathing eventually prevents snoring and allows restful sleep every night.” 

“I am glad to see that Snore Bandit has helped many other people like me to put an end to snoring issues. A no-snore night not only assures peaceful sleep but also a happy partner.  Besides, after using Snore Bandit, I have experienced an excellent boost in energy, thanks to improved sleep.”

Snore Bandit has been made from medical-grade material and hence safe for the skin. The device can be custom-fitted as per the specific user needs. It comes with a unique Boil-and-Bite fitting process that assures a more comfortable and professional fit compared to OTC (Over The Counter) anti-snoring mouthpieces in the current market. The product uses the same fitting process that’s found in sports mouth-guards and assures a comfortably snug fit. 

“Snore Bandit dental mouthpiece will be custom fitted as per your specific oral structure needs. All our customers receive a custom-fit service that they can enjoy easily at the comfort of their home.”

Top features and benefits of Snore Bandit –

  • Proven and time-tested anti-snore remedy
  • FDA cleared patented product
  • Custom-fit solution
  • Made with medical-grade material
  • Helps to fight sleep apnea symptoms
  • Facilitates easy breathing
  • Does not require prescription

The product comes with a custom storage case as well.

“The Snore Bandit arrived within 4 days of my order and I couldn’t wait to try it out! The instructions were clear and the fitting was easy. I had my best night’s sleep in years. I was always embarrassed knowing that I snore and often keep my husband awake – I also would wake myself up with my snoring and erratic breathing. The mouthpiece being custom fit was comfortable to wear and stayed in place. I will be using this every night from here on in!” – LG

“The Snore Bandit mouthpiece is a blessing in disguise!“

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