Thread Wallets and Cotopaxi, Two Companies with a Mission to “Do Good” Collaborate on a new Fall Launch

A new limited edition collection is now available making carrying everyday necessities more functional and stylish than ever before 

Two brands with a mission to “Do Good”, Thread Wallets and Cotopaxi, are finally merging together to create a new limited edition collection coming out this November. This limited edition collection will consist of wallets, lanyards and a chapstick holder – all of the wallets are even made out of vegan leather to coincide with Cotopaxi and Thread’s sustainability initiatives. These companies are on the forefront of everyday carry products, outdoor apparel and gear. They see it important to build products for their audiences to express freedom and have more of an incentive to go out to do things and “Do Good.” 

Thread’s mantra is “Carry On.” This mantra of theirs is a two-fold approach. According to Thread, it is about developing products to carry personal items in a minimal, expressive way but also to carry on through challenges and trials life will throw in the way. With life’s adventures, there should still be a way for its consumers to discover their own identity and authenticity in things. With Thread Wallets, functionality and expression are woven together to create the perfect identity extension of who their consumers are. On the shelf, the hook, in a bag or pocket, their products will hold it together while people can “Carry On.”

Cotopaxi’s mantra is “Gear For Good.” Adventure helps the world be seen and inspires others to make it better – that is why Cotopaxi started. This company believes there’s a way to have a positive impact on people’s lives through the products they create. To accomplish this, they make sustainably designed outdoor gear and give a percentage of their revenues to nonprofits working to improve the human condition.

With the combination of these two great companies’ matras and sustainability initiatives, this collection is sure to further their ideas to impact their consumers’ everyday life for the better. This collection consists of the perfect everyday carry items to help fans and consumers brighten up some everyday essentials and bring “Do Good” vibes to Thread products. Keep an eye out for this limited edition collection being launched in November 2021. 

About Thread Wallets

Thread Wallets was born out of the need for expression. Offering products that allow their consumers to do what they love. Thread is redefining the way people carry “themselves” and look good doing it. They know that functionality and expression are woven together to create the perfect extension of who their audiences can be. On the shelf, the hook, in a bag or pocket, Threads will hold it together while people Carry On.

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