Facelifts For Outdoor Living Spaces: AZ Sun Solutions Releases 5 Patio Design Tips for 2022

AZ Sun Solutions has released a series of patio design tips which the company says will undoubtedly produce the best-looking outdoor living space in any neighborhood. Adding that much like the rest of the house, a patio needs a little revamping from time to time.

As 2021 draws to an end, a lot of households require new ways to improve the beauty of their surroundings and give their properties facelifts that embody the transition into the new year. 

To that end, the company’s patio design experts have put together a few tips, drawn from their timeless experience in the art, to give anyone willing to pay attention, an edge over their neighbors.

Here are the top 5 patio design tips by AZ Sun Solution:

1. Add multiple seating areas.

Adding multiple seating areas will provide guests with the most comfortable atmosphere for dining and lounging, and also let them easily gather on the patio without feeling squished or cramped.

AZ Sun Solution insists that letting guests choose where to seat goes a long way in ensuring their comfort. And as such, recommends areas under the retractable awning and outside of it, as prime spots that allow guests to choose between the sun and shade as they see fit.

2. Ambience is everything.

The perks of outdoor entertaining are the freedom it offers and the ambience that defines it. 

To set the right mood, AZ Sun Solution insists on incorporating string lights or tiki torches (whatever suits your fancy!), along with an outdoor sound system or Bluetooth speaker. And guarantees adding these will instantly take cookouts to the next level. 

3. Consider adding a garden.

Although the concept was born out of necessity, gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years as a design element. 

Adding a garden to an outdoor living space can bring the whole area to life in a really beautiful way. And as a bonus, there’s nothing quite like homegrown vegetables! 

When it comes to garden placement, prior research to determine how much shade or sunlight plants need is important.  

A retractable awning is perfect for providing the best of both worlds, which many plants require. And would also ensure that guests won’t have to look at dead plants when lounging on the patio.

4. Include a fire feature.

More and more often, fire features are popping up in patios all over the country. While some people opt for a full-on fireplace installed in an outdoor wall, many homeowners choose to install a tabletop fire feature that acts as a stunning centerpiece.

Patio fire features serve many purposes. They act as conversation starters, they keep guests warm on cool desert nights, they allow for fun nights roasting marshmallows, and also serve as a show-stopping design element. 

5. Storage space is essential.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing a patio, AZ Sun Solutions re-emphasizes the importance of storage space. Patio storage space is great for storing toys, couch cushions, gardening tools, and anything else guests might need outside.

Setting up a storage space could mean building a shed, installing a storage bench, or putting up an outdoor cabinet. The tons of options available for patio storage are wide and able to meet specific needs.

“Here at AZ Sun Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping Arizona homeowners and businesses maximize their spaces. By implementing these top patio design tips, you can upgrade your patio to the outdoor living space of your dreams in no time.”

The company also adds that anyone interested in getting a quote, or who would like to ask questions about its superior services can reach out to them to speak with its Phoenix patio enclosure professionals.

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